Episode 8: Wendy Jackson

Jan 3, 2019

Jan 3, 2019 -- For our first episode of 2019, we'll hear from local carpenter Wendy Jackson, who came to Potter Valley with her husband from San Luis Obispo County in 1979. Both were formally trained  carpenters, and were well prepared to find work and build their own home. But once they got going on their nautilus shell shaped house, they ceased to be 'bored carpenters,' or the kind who live by right angles and straight lines. Hungering for something other than basic rectilinear shapes, they went in search of the golden mean and built it themselves, in the wild country where the wildest life of all was other human beings.

We'll hear Jackson laugh delightedly as she remembers amusing encounters with bears, how back to the landers raised their children differently, and how she thinks the era changed her life and the character of Mendocino County.