County Drafting Plan for More Housing

Aug 13, 2019

August 12, 2019 —  Mendocino County is updating the housing element of its general plan, with strategies for how to create 1,800 new housing opportunities within the next eight years. Though more than 1,300 of those units must be in the unincorporated areas, where more than two thirds of the population already lives, each city must come up with a certain number of units, too. Currently, planners and consultants are gathering input from community members so they can draft the plan, which will come before the Board of Supervisors in December. Once the plan is approved, the county will qualify for grants from the State Department of Housing and Community Development to help build those units.

KZYX went to a recent meeting in Willits to hear more details about how the plan will be drafted, and how the public can participate.

The next community meeting will be on August 21 at 6 pm in the Fort Bragg public library at 499 Laurel Street.