Caring Kitchen - NCO

Dec 31, 2018

Caring Kitchen Background/Basics:

The Caring Kitchen Project in Mendocino County, a Ceres Community Project affiliate, provides nutritious meals delivered to the homes of families struggling with the challenges of cancer. The meals are prepared by volunteer teen chefs-in-training under the guidance of the Caring Kitchen Project’s chef, and draw from primarily plant-based recipes. Clients are referred to the Caring Kitchen through the Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County.

The Caring Kitchen is a project of North Coast Opportunities and provides opportunities for youth to develop culinary skills, nutrition knowledge, and job readiness skills under the direction of a chef, and in collaboration with adult volunteer mentors. Cooking and sharing food creates and strengthens a sense of community, and the act of preparing and providing food to cancer survivors and their families empowers teen volunteers. This is a community-powered project that has an immediate impact on the teen and adult volunteers, the supporters, and the people facing cancer treatment.

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