Beat Goddess ruth weiss Remembered on Rhythm Running River

Aug 25, 2020

August 16, 2020

A Tribute to ruth weiss by Dan Roberts

ruth weiss, often referred to as the Beat Goddess, was an Albion resident for some 40 years. She was internationally recognized as an innovator in performing poetry accompanied by jazz musicians. She is a legend of the SF beat scene of the 50s and 60s, as well as in New Orleans, Vienna, and many other cultural centers around the world. She was born in 1928 in Berlin and spent her early years fleeing anti-jewish persecution with her parents. Eventually she arrived in New York City. After the end of WW2 she returned with her parents to Germany for a few years and then back to Chicago, where she began developing live poetry with jazz musicians. In the early 50s she arrived in North Beach in San Francisco where she performed in the same venues as Ferlinghetti, Kerouac, and Hirschman. There is a recently completed feature documentary about her called “ruth weiss, the beat goddess,” by Melody Miller and Elizabeth Montgomery 
        After moving to Mendocino County ruth often performed at our various venues, both as a featured reader and at open mics. At five foot zero her words, and voice, brought the room to attention. I was lucky enough to record her performances many times, and lucky enough to develop a friendship with her. Today I will be playing 18 of her poems, 16 of them I recorded in our fortunate county. I have segued her words with a mixture of music from around the world.

RhythmRunningRiver     August 16, 2020 first hour

1 ruth weiss_Each Day 00:332 Ora Sittner (Israel)_Qyria 04:003 ruth weiss_41 02:444 Ofra Haza (Israel)_Kaddish 05:005 ruth weiss_1939 02:066 Lido Pimienta (Colombia)_SOL 02:517 ruth weiss_Listen Poppa 01:418 Ofra Haza (Israel)_Goral Echad 03:349 ruth weiss_Years Before Beatnik 06:1610 The Pace Setters (Ghana)_Blinking Eye 04:4611 ruth weiss_Tenten 03:2612 Trilok Gurtu (India)_The Beat Of Love 05:1413 ruth weiss_5X7 5X12 06:5514 Rabih Abou-Khalil (Lebanon)_Nada 02:0615 ruth weiss_Turnabout 02:34   total  54:18 RhythmRunningRiver     August 16, 2020 Second Hour
 1 ruth weiss_Albion River Bridge 01:132 The Pace Setters (Ghana)_Something Lefeh-O 04:433 ruth weiss_Beast be a saint 01:034 Toronto Tabla Ensemble (Canada)_Maryem's Here 04:415 ruth weiss_Holocaust Remembrance 04:226 Ofra Haza (Israel)_Trains Of No Return 04:347 ruth weiss_fire works 01:458 Toronto Tabla Ensemble (Canada)_Dream Symposium 03:549 ruth weiss_2009 00:5610 Trilok Gurtu (India)_Maya 05:0911 ruth weiss_Postcard 1995 03:1312 Lido Pimienta (Colombia)_Nada 04:5813 ruth weiss_One More Step West Is The Sea 01:2014 The Pace Setters (Ghana)_Daa Daa Edikanfo 05:0815 ruth weiss_1967 00:48    total  48:18