10/10/18 playlist

Oct 11, 2018

The Man Who Had No Story To Tell        15:58

Galician Pipes

Kevin Carr live in Elk ..... 1/7/11


Charles Laughton, Storyteller                 34:46


For Ellington

The Modern Jazz Quartet


Pallindromes                                            7:49

Baby Gramps on Same Ol' Timeously


Karen Makes Out                                    33:54

by Elmore Leaonard, read by Sharon Lawrence 

from Mean Streets

The Seductress

music by Branford Marsali


On my October 3rd show, I aired the first 26 minutes of The Angry Man, part 1

The link to part 2 plays the conclusion of The Angry Man (20 minutes) 

and all of KarenMakes Out (34 minutes).

The Angry Man by Ross Macdonald read by Stacy Keach part 1

The Angry Man part 2 & Karen Makes Out