Rich Culbertson

Operations Director - Chief Operator

Rich is currently KZYX and KZYZ's Chief Operator and Operations Director. He's responsible for the technical operation of the station as well as enforcement of FCC requirements and regulations.

Rich first joined KZYX in Oct of 2007 and left in Jan of 2016 only to return in August of 2016. He has been in radio for over 30 years.

Rich has won awards for editing and news and has produced, engineered and hosted dozens of public affairs and music programs. He taught public affairs seminars and broadcast best practice training courses on the campus of Humboldt State University while working at KHSU.

Rich also manages a website created to provide tools for public radio stations and broadcasters.

From Rich's site, "It is my mission to advocate for, and be a facilitator of, open communication in the most effective forms available."

Ways to Connect

The Board of Directors and staff of KZYX, Mendocino County Public Broadcasting, are pleased to announce the hiring of Marty Durlin as the station’s new General Manager.

Ms. Durlin brings 23 years of public radio management experience to KZYX. She served most recently as General Manager of KZMU Community Public Radio in Moab, Utah. She was previously Station Manager of KGNU Public Radio in Boulder, Colorado.

Described by Irish Music Magazine as “A full-bodied pipe and whistle extravaganza,” Réalta makes full use of the intricate melodies and driving rhythms that make Irish music so loved throughout the world.

Many of you saw this performance a couple of years ago at Eagles Hall and know what a special event it is. I hope we can fill the SPACE theater and share the joy with Ukiah!

Oak & Thorn Presents: Molly's Revenge with Christa Burch and Irish Dancers
Saturday December 8

SPACE Theater, Ukiah

Doors open 7:00 pm; music starts at 7:30 pm

A Benefit for KZYX

Tickets ($25) at Mendocino Book Company, or online at

How time flies... when your computer breaks down and you get a summer cold. That's my excuse for neglecting to pester you relentlessly about the Connla concert, which is now less than one week away!

Fortunately many of you didn't need to be reminded and have already got your tickets. If you haven't yet, get on down to Harvest Market or Out of This World and pick 'em up.

Oak & Thorn presents: Connla

Friday, September 21
Eagles Hall, Fort Bragg
Doors open 6:30 PM 

Sheriff Tom Alllman took a moment this morning to call into KZYX and let the public know that the suspect in the Monday night shooting that closed hwy 101 between Ukiah and Wilits for several hours has been caught and place in custody.

Sheriff Allman was still putting together all the details for a report and will make announcement later in the day but for right now he wanted the public to know that the suspect is in custody and that the roads are all open and he thanked the public for thier understanding during this event.

The KZYX news team will have more this afternoon.

I'm pleased to say that we were able to make repairs to our 2nd back-up system and get our 91.5 transmitter broadcasting again at full power. We believe this repair should hold until we get our main and main back-up units back from being fully rebuilt to like new status.

We dodged a bullet and hope to be in a better position real soon.

Thanks to our contract engineer Brian Henry for his invaluable help.

Once again, please remember it is with your financial support that we get all of this done.

The next KZYX Board of Directors Meeting will take place Monday, May 14th, 6:00pm, at the Redwood Coast Senior Center in Fort Bragg. 

There will be regular board business, and the newly-elected board members will be seated at this meeting. The public is invited to attend, and there is always time for public comment. The Redwood Coast Senior Center is at 490 North Harold Street, Fort Bragg, California 95437.

House Concert with Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald

Thursday April 19, 2018 at a private home in Fort Bragg. Advance reservations required - contact me or Catherine Keegan, for details.

Ben & Anita blend the rich traditional sound of the Cape Breton fiddle with the fiery edge of the Scottish Border pipes, punctuated by songs in Gaelic and English, and accompanied by guitar and foot-percussion.

Rich Culbertson

KZYZ gets lucky on Laughlin Ridge!

With all our respect and sympathies to all of our friends and neighbors who did not fair as well, I’m pleased to humbly say that the Redwood Fire seems to have gone out of its way to avoid doing catastrophic damage to our transmitter or very vulnerable and exposed antenna sitting on its wooden pole at the CDF Laughlin Ridge Transmitter site.

Tonight!  Come celebrate the rain with us!

Cassie & Maggie are blending Canadian and American folk music into their own personal style.  Balancing powerful vocals with equally powerful instrumentals, they will have you dancing in the aisles and singing along with lovely murder ballads.