Rich Culbertson

Operations Director - Chief Operator

Rich is currently KZYX and KZYZ's Chief Operator and Operations Director. He's responsible for the technical operation of the station as well as enforcement of FCC requirements and regulations.

Rich first joined KZYX in Oct of 2007 and left in Jan of 2016 only to return in August of 2016. He has been in radio for over 30 years.

Rich has won awards for editing and news and has produced, engineered and hosted dozens of public affairs and music programs. He taught public affairs seminars and broadcast best practice training courses on the campus of Humboldt State University while working at KHSU.

Rich also manages a website created to provide tools for public radio stations and broadcasters.

From Rich's site, "It is my mission to advocate for, and be a facilitator of, open communication in the most effective forms available."

Ways to Connect

UPDATE: March moved to ZOOM due to rising cases of Covid 

Martin Luther King Jr Day 
Monday Jan 17th 
11 am 
Join Zoom Meeting

BLM Mendocino hope you join them on zoom to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!

There is an amazing panel of speakers offering their insights.

Hi valued KZYX & Z listeners,

KZYX was informed quite late that the folks that manage our Cold Springs transmitter site needed to do some more maintenance to the power system at the site this morning (Tuesday). This meant all power including the backup generator would need to be off for 30 to 90 minutes starting shortly after 7 this morning.

Unfortunately, that did not give us the time we would have liked to warn you, our listeners. We apologize for that.


Wednesday September 22  Special: Glenn Kirschner LIVE on KZYX  3pm

KZYX&Z interviewed Glenn Kirschner, former 30-year federal prosecutor, Legal analyst for MSNBC and host of the podcast Justice Matters, will be live on KZYX&Z! He talked about what’s happening in the American Justice system today. What can legally be done to federally defend a women’s right to choose in Texas? Will there be firm justice for the terrorist of Jan 6th? Glenn address these questions and more. Glenn took local call-ins as well. Here the full interview here.

Sheriff Matt Kendall and Supervisor Glenn McGourty discuss the status of the Hopkins Fire with KZYX&Z's Alicia Bales.

CalFire's George Gonzales spoke with Alicia Bales at 6:15 PM with an update on the Hopkins Fire. 

Hear it here and stay tuned to KZYX&Z for continuing updates every 30 minutes. Top and bottom of the hour. 

Danilla Sands of Mendocino Action News

Danilla Sands of Mendocino Action News (on Facebook) gives an on-scene update form the Hopkins Fire. 


photo from Sheriff Kendall

This afternoon (at 4 PM) Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall spoke with KZYX’s Alicia Bales about the latest information he had on the status of the Hopkins Fire.

You can hear that interview here and stay tuned to KZYX&Z for updates every 30 minutes.

President Biden is giving the first prime-time address of his presidency to mark one year of the coronavirus pandemic, a day after Congress passed a massive relief package. More than 500,000 people have died from the virus in the U.S.

The House is formally transmitting the article of impeachment against former President Donald Trump to the Senate, setting the stage for the trial in that chamber the week of Feb. 8. Watch the ceremony live.

For Stations:


Jan 13, 2021


The U.S. House of Representatives is taking up an Article of Impeachment of Donald Trump. Watch here live.

A World Without KZYX Part 1: A Problem Comes To Light.

The KZYX team faces the dreaded MENDO CURTAIN