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Jeff Zolitor


Jeff Zolitor, Host of Roots & All - A musical journey through the roots and branches of popular Folk music - every Tuesday afternoon, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Folk music is music in the vernacular. Music created in the language and style of ordinary speech and custom, for and by ordinary folks, here and around the world.

I have been the host of Roots and All for a bit over 3 years, and have found the experience rewarding beyond my imagination. The music, the people and the station combine to make this clearly one of the best jobs I’ve had.

Creating a show requires many hours of preparation, not the least of which is what I would like to communicate to the listeners. Sometimes there are specific themes, sometimes it’s an introduction to new music, sometimes a review of some musical experience, but I try to communicate something worthwhile on every show.

Having retired from the job of business owner, I try to do things in my life that are important, to me, and the community in which I inhabit. Supporting public radio in general, and KZYX in particular, is important to both. I feel like I have lived many lives so far. I’ve worked on stock and commodity exchanges, in a precious metals mint, became a business owner, held elected political office, and I continue to help those seeking elective office, especially the folks who started their political lives during my campaigns. I am currently the underwriting support representative for KZYX on the Mendocino Coast.

My partner is Audrey Wells, a retired English and Film teacher, and I have two kids, Rob (36) and Ian (34). Rob is an analyst with the Department of Labor in DC, and Ian is the host of a popular and long running Folk radio show in Philadelphia, The Folk Show. It was Ian who inspired me to try my hand as a radio host.

Audrey and I came to the Mendocino Coast in January 2015, following her elderly father, who came to live with Audrey’s brother in Fort Bragg. We moved here from Urbana, IL, and still own a home there.

The world is sometimes a turbulent place. Music has the ability to incite, inspire, comfort and entertain. I believe it’s important to bring those things to my community through music, and that’s what I strive to do.