David Steffen

Underwriting and Business Coordinator

David handles KZYX's Underwriting and Business Development. He works with businesses all over the KZYX listening area to get their message out. Over the past 8 years he has also been making sure the logistics of KZYX events are managed. David spent the better part of his career in the recording industry working at A&M Records, GRP Records and BMG Video. He served as Executive Producer of a number of music-documentary films including Gather at the River: A Bluegrass Celebration (1994), Pride and Joy: The Story Of Alligator Records (1992)True Believers: The Musical Family Of Rounder Records (1995), The Kingdom Of Zydeco (1994), Bluesland: A Portrait In American Music (1993) and others. He has a Masters Degree from NYU, and has taught at New York University, Fairfield University (where he also earned a BA in American Studies), and at McNally Smith College. David blogs at Wordpress, and his book, From Edison To Marconi: The First Thirty Years Of Recorded Music was published in 2005. He has also, when needed, hosted many of our Jazz programs.