• Volunteer

    All purpose sub for many shows. Was the co-host of Radiorama for many years.

  • Jane is a local activist and published author and host of the Cannabis Hour every other Thursday mornings at 9 AM. She also currently serves on the MCPB Board of Directors and previously served as the Board President.

  • Maria Gilardin learned radio in the KPFA news department in 1980 and was one of the founders of the women’s department. She co-wrote the GATT Guide for the Earth Summit in Rio, was founding producer of the national weekly public-affairs show...

  • Host

    Mary is the long-time host of Dead Air. (Trading off with Muerto Berto) She also valiantly serviced as KZYX's Program and Music Director for 22 years.

  • Host

    Michael is a very skilled guitarist and expert in the beautiful music of the Hawaiian Islands.

    He's been hosting Na Mele o'Hawaii for over 2 decades and has treated the people of the area to his music and the dance and culture of Hawaii...