Alicia Bales

Program Director

Bales, locally known as Alicia Littletree, will be familiar to longtime KZYX listeners. From 1997 through 2004, she produced the bi-weekly program, Truth to Power, on the station. As a KZYX veteran, Bales is knowledgeable about the station’s diverse audience and well versed in the station’s programming philosophy and mission. She officially stepped into her new job on June 3.

Beginning in October 2017, Alicia was the board president of the Mendocino Environmental Center in Ukiah, Bales helped oversee KMEC, the organization’s popular community radio station. She produced a weekly two-hour talk show on KMEC called Edgewise Radio. Bales’ experience there with both with fundraising and with coordinating volunteer programmers will help her substantially in her new role at KZYX.

“I see the Program Director position at KZYX as a great opportunity,” Bales says, “To combine my background in curriculum building, teaching, voice coaching, community outreach and radio production to recruit, encourage and train new programmers throughout Mendocino county, and, of course, to work with our great cast of current hosts to become the best programmers they can possibly be.”

Bales earned an AA degree in Theatre Arts at Mendocino College and a BA in Theatre from UC Berkeley. She went on to earn an MA in Voice Studies from the University of London. For several years, Bales owned the Alicia Bales Voice and Speech Coaching Studio in San Francisco. She has taught Voice for Actors in the Theatre Department at Mendocino College since 2014.

“Above all,” she says, “I want to help KZYX excel in its role as a vital resource for diverse, high quality music and public affairs programming, and as a reliable news source every day, and especially in the crunch of disasters like the catastrophic fires we have experienced these past two years. Emergency information broadcasting is one of the most important services we offer.”

Here are some samples of previous work. Click title to listen.

Truth To Power - Scahill - Hamza

Truth To Power - Copenhagen Truth to Power

Truth To Power - Final More Gardens

Truth To Power - Walking Mendocino's Roads - Earl Brown

Friday October 22  Byline Mendocino  9am

Byline Mendocino is a local media round table, featuring local reporters in conversation about the week’s headlines, with host Alicia Bales. This week, Alicia will speak with Ellen Week and Reid Edelman about “Coming Up for Air,” a project to use first person narrative and performance to help our community heal from the trauma of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Byline Mendocino airs this Friday at 9am here on KZYX and Z.



July 14th, 2020--School districts across the county are making plans to reopen schools for the fall semester, which begins just a few weeks. As local infection rates go up, and the number of cases across the state are on the rise, teachers are concerned about their own safety, as well as that of their students and families. Join local teachers as they weigh in about school reopening plans, hybrid and remote learning, social distancing in classrooms, and more.

On air guests include:


April 8, 2020--On today's local coronavirus update, Dr. Drew Colfax welcomes Dr. Jessica McInich, Clinical Psychologist at Anderson Valley Health Center, to talk about strategies for managing stress and anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. McInich cautions that the extremes of fixating on coronavirus news or completely tuning it all out can contribute to stress, and that finding a middle ground is helpful.

Alicia Bales

March 24, 2020—Ukiah ER Physician Dr. Drew Colfax and Dr John Rochat of Anderson Valley Health Center give an update and answer questions about the current coronavirus situation in Mendocino County, including what we know about the one new case of COVID-19 confirmed this morning by Dr. Mimi Doohan, County Public Health Officer.

UPDATED TUESDAY 10-8: Sheriff Allman called in again at 9:45 Tuesday morning, here is a link to that conversation:

photo by Rich Culbertson

Michael Hunter is the Tribal Chairman of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians and the Tribal Chairman of the United Pomo Nations Council that consists of 16 Pomo tribes in Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties. He joined Alicia Bales live in the KZYX studio in Philo on September 25, 2019 as part of her ongoing interview series with local elected leaders.

Supervisor Carre Brown  represents the First District of Mendocino County, an inland district east of Ukiah that includes Talmage, Redwood Valley and Potter Valley.  According to her bio, Supervisor Brown is a lifelong resident of Mendocino County who has resided on her family’s Potter Valley ranch for the last 41 years. She served as the executive administrator of the Mendocino County Farm Bureau for 23 years.

You may have noticed the Local News has a new sound this month! The new KZYX NewsTheme music was composed by our General Manager Marty Durlin and recorded at Peter Temple Studios in Albion earlier this month. Jake Martin-Wagner played bass and Alicia Littletree Bales played the acoustic guitar. We hope you like it!


Mendocino Sheriff Tom Allman stopped by the Philo studio to talk with Sheriff Allman about what is happening with mental health services and about the Cannabis eractication plan known as Clean Sweep.