Alice Woelfle

Program Director

Alice is the Program and Music Director at KZYX. She is the host of Music Without Borders Mondays from 10-noon, a show featuring new music across all genres. She is also the co-host of Trading Time each Saturday at 11. Alice grew up in Venice, Ca the daughter of a children’s author and an artist. She attended college in Pittsburgh PA, and London, England. Following that she spent eight years in sustainable agriculture working with sheep, cattle, goats and horses on ranches in Oregon and California. Alice has worked as a musician, teacher, chef, youth mentor, activist, and rancher. In addition to her work at KZYX she operates a small sheep ranch in Anderson Valley.

Filmmaker and Activist David Martinez speaks with Alex Vitale, author of The End Of Policing. They discuss the history of policing, strategies of modern policing including policing the mentally ill, homeless, political activists, and why police treat right wing demonstrators different from left wing demonstrators. They also discuss solutions and alternatives to policing. The audio is below.

When you think of seafood you probably think of fish right? Well there's another kind of seafood that we don't think about much. One most of us have eaten. John Lewallen has been harvesting seaweed from the state beach in Elk for almost forty years. 

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The KZYX news department is hiring reporters! The positions are part time with flexible hours. We’re looking for reliable curious independent individuals with strong writing skills who are interested in covering all types of stories across our listening area: cannabis, local politics, health, the environment, cultural events and more. We are also seeking an experienced journalist to act as news director. If you’re interested in joining the KZYX news department send an email to or call (707) 895-2324. We look forward to hearing from you.