Alice Woelfle

Program Director

Alice is the Program Director at KZYX. She is the host of Music Without Borders Mondays from 9-11, a show featuring new music across all genres. She is also the co-host of Trading Time each Saturday at 11. Alice grew up in Venice, Ca the daughter of a children’s author and an artist. She attended college in Pittsburgh PA, and London, England. Following that she spent eight years in sustainable agriculture working with sheep, cattle, goats and horses on ranches in Oregon and California. Alice has worked as a musician, teacher, chef, youth mentor, activist, and rancher. In addition to her work at KZYX she operates a small sheep ranch in Anderson Valley.

Dorothy Cong was born in Ft. Bragg in 1946. She grew up on the Sandkulla ranch near Elk. Her family were among the first white settlers on the Mendocino coast and In many ways her childhood represented the life that back to the land hippies were seeking. They lived off the land raising their own food and building their own houses, but unlike the newcomers of the 1960s and 70s Dorothy’s family lived this way out of necessity.

Most of us have been touched by suicide. Suicide by firearm is the most common form of violent death in the United States. Suicide by other methods is the second most common form of violent death. Loved ones left behind often ask themselves if there was something that could have prevented the tragedy, and the answer is yes. Suicide is preventable. Dr Marvel Harrison, hopes to train five hundred Mendocino county residents in suicide prevention by the end of May.

Stuart Greenbergs' parents were communists who were politically active in the 1930s. They moved often during his childhood and passed on their values of gender equality and communal living. He participated in the birth of the organic farming movement in Illinois before moving to California as a single dad when his children were 2 and four years old. They settled in Laytonville where he raised them off the grid. 

Donna Montag grew up in a wealthy catholic family in upstate New York.  After college she worked as a portfolios analyst on wall street, but was dissappointed with the dishonesty she experienced in that job. Searching for honesty and community she hitchhiked west to a commune in Oregon and never looked back. She arrived in Elk when she was twenty-six, met her husband and begam living off the land. When she gave birth to her daughter the idea of natural childbirth was gaining popularity, and some doctors were advocating for a natural approach to birth in hospitals.

This month the northern migration of the California grey Whale is passing the Mendocino coast. Last week I had the opportunity to take part in the mendonoma whale and seal studys daily survey of marine mammals.  For more information, and to see daily counts visit the mendonoma whale and seal study on facebook.