Lana Cohen

MENDOCINO, 2/15/21 — Only 2,000 acres of pygmy ecosystem remains on the planet, and all of it lies along the Mendocino and northern Sonoma Coasts. The pygmy forest is made up of grey scraggly trees that look no older than 10 to 15 years are no thicker than the handle of a broomstick, and no taller than the average adult. But the trees in the pygmy forest are not young, some are more than one hundred years old. So why are they so small? 

 Decades ago, rare plants botanist Teresa Sholars moved to the Mendocino Coast and set out to answer that question.  

Lana Cohen

NOYO HARBOR, 2/9/21 — The Dungeness crab season is off to a pitiful start this year. Some crabbers pulled their gear out and threw the towel in just one day into the season.


    However, scientists, seasoned crabbers, and even those new to the business all say that is to be expected — the crab fishery has a very cyclical nature. Some years bring in plentiful crabs and subsequently, money. Others, not so much. This year is definitely a ‘not so much’ year. 

    2/2/2021 - As we all know, it’s not unusual for the rainy season to start out relatively, well, un-rainy, and then for the state to get hit with a big storm — though not quite like this one. “This storm definitely has more water in it because of climate change,” explained Michael Wehner, a senior scientist who studies extreme weather events and their relationship to climate change at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. According to research from Wehner, climate change is driving processes that make winter storms drop more precipitation than has historically been the case in NorCal.   

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    Lana Cohen

    IRMULCO, 1/25/2021 -- The Noyo River, Pudding Creek, the Navarro. These are just some of the rivers that flow through Mendocino County, starting from their headwaters in the chaparral hills, they wind down valleys of redwoods, and pour out into the Pacific ocean.

      1/22/21 -- In the final days of a presidency with a propensity for environmental deregulation, the Trump administration tucked some final rollbacks under its belt. The administration opened conservation lands in California and Utah to development, loosened standards on home heating equipment and, most notably to the North Coast, reduced protected habitat for the infamous northern spotted owl by one-third. The owl, which is threatened under the state and federal endangered species acts, is native to northern California, Washington, and Oregon.

    Jim Culp explores the reasons that the elderly aren't getting vaccinated, talking with Mendocino Coast Clinic Executive Director Lucresha Renteria, Supervisor Ted Williams, Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren, and a frustrated elder.

    David Hull

    1/19/21 -- The western hills above Ukiah have been 56 year old Dave Hull's stomping ground since he was a little kid. On free days, Hull and his friends would grab their bikes and adventure out into the open space together, exploring the land covered with golden grass and spotted with towering redwoods. As an adult, he bought a portion of that land which he had used as a giant playground as a child. And at the end of 2020, Hull donated 188 acres of that hillside land to the City of Ukiah, with the goal of preserving it for conservation and recreation forever.



    Jan 13, 2021


    1/11/2020 - Last water year was the third driest on record in the upper Russian River watershed. In downtown San Francisco, the 2020 calendar year was the second driest since record keeping began in 1850, and forecasts are showing a dry January on the horizon. 

    On the streets of Mendocino Village, people talk about their New Year's Eve plans and look toward the future.

    By Missvain - Own work, CC BY 4.0,


    Jim Culp interviews pastors and religious leaders about a Christmas program presented online this year, as choirs and musical groups joined to celebrate the holiday safely and virtually.