The August Complex, officially the largest fire in California history, is burning across five counties in northern California, including Mendocino. So far, the flames from the 755,603 acre inferno have spared most of Mendocino's more populated areas, but the smoke has not. For days, unhealthy and hazardous air quality, marked by hazy skies and a golden, reddish hue, has sat stagnant across Mendocino, from the mountains, to the chapperelle, to the coast. 

Jim Culp reports on a day of gorse-busting on either side of Highway 1 in Caspar. The storied plant -- also known as broom or furze -- was brought to the coast from Ireland in the 1800s, and has taken its place as an invasive species that can become a huge fire hazard. A community-driven effort to remove it took place last week. 

Four owner-managers from Mendocino Village businesses talk about their experiences over the past six months, and what they've done to stay afloat.

9/4/2020 — Fort Bragg is running low on water. This is not the first time. Climate scientists say it won’t be the last.


On Monday, the City declared a stage two water emergency, asking all municipal water users to cut their usage by 20 percent — no watering lawns, no washing sidewalks, only irrigating gardens and agricultural areas at night, the list of restrictions goes on. 

City of Willits on financial edge

Sep 3, 2020

September 1, 2020 — As the pandemic carries on and the economic fallout widens, more and more businesses and individuals are wondering how they will pay their employees, make their bills and maintain their properties. That’s true for local governments, too, especially the City of Willits, which Mayor Gerry Gonzalez says has been scraping to get by since at least the early aughts, when he started serving as chief of police. Now the city is making calculations that sound like the ones a lot of businesses, big and small, have been struggling with. 

MendoLatino, Monday, August 31st.

In the first part of the program, MendoLatino welcomes Dr. Andy Coren, our new Health Officer, on his first official day of work (he has been on board for much longer..). George Verástegui and Dr. Coren update us on Coronavirus en español, and focused on the latino community. In the second part of the program, Leah Collins discusses her work with Anderson Valley Health Clinic, and her efforts to educate and test agricultural workers.  

To hear this special edition of Forthright Radio celebrating the Centennial of the signing of the 19th Amendment with Johns Hopkins University History Professor, Martha S. Jones - and to access articles pertinent to the topic, click on this link:

Augustine Ruiz, a spokesman for the giant postal district that encompasses both San Francisco and Mendocino County, says there are no slowdowns, no layoffs and no problems locally, despite conflicting reports in other parts of the country, and even within the district. 

Big win for local conservation group

Aug 21, 2020
National Forest Service

8/13/2020 -- On August 3rd, a decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit provided a win for the Humboldt conservation group, Environmental Protection Information Center, or EPIC, which advocates for the protection and restoration of Northwest California’s forests, against the US Forest Service and Sierra Pacific Industries, which is the second largest lumber producer in the United States.





 8/21/20 -- A scorching heat wave, thunderstorms, fires, evacuations, blackouts, and an earthquake all hit the county in the past few days. Needless to say, it’s been a wild week. 


Triple digit heat has been unrelenting in inland parts of the county, with high nighttime temperatures offering little relief. On Sunday, August 16, Ukaih tied it’s previous daily heat record of 107 degrees. Fort Bragg set a record the same day, reaching 79 degrees. 


Due to low water levels, Lake Mendocino closes south boat ramp

Aug 21, 2020
Lana Cohen


8/21/20 — Earlier this week, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers closed the South Boat Ramp at Lake Mendocino for the rest of the summer due to low water levels. The closure went into effect last Tuesday, August 18, at 9:00AM. 


This closure comes about a week after the Army Corps closed the north boat ramp, on August 9. Together, the two closures mean that large vessels, essentially anything you can’t carry yourself into the water, will not be able to use the lake for the remainder of the summer recreation season.


Willits Center for the Arts opens virtually

Aug 12, 2020

August 12, 2020 — With museums and galleries closed due to the pandemic, arts exhibits have moved

When Jim Culp didn't hear about his COVID test results after three weeks, he posted his complaint on social media, and others chimed in about delays in receiving the results of their tests. His quest to find out why led him to Lucresha Renteria, Executive Director of Mendocino Coast Clinics in Fort Bragg.

MendoLatino - COVID-19 Update and Mental health

Aug 10, 2020

10 agosto - Hoy hablamos con George Verástegui del Depto. de Salud sobre las novedades de COVID-19. También conversamos sobre como va el Depto. de Salud con sus esfuerzos para comunicar mejor con la comunidad latina, y el trabajo de investigación de casos. En la segunda parte del programa hablamos con Genevieve Banegas de Mendocino Coast Clinics y Brenda Martínez, dos profesionales de salud mental, sobre los desafíos que sus pacientes están experimentando debido a la crisis sanitaria.