Working with all levels of government to ensure a unified approach to the coronavirus response here in Lake and Mendocino Counties and that the needs of our communities are being met. 

We also want to make sure you have the latest, most accurate information from the medical professionals who are on the front lines combating this virus and how you can best protect yourself and your family. 

Partnering with the Counties of Mendocino and Lake, Senator Mike McGuire hosted a Telephone Town Hall on Wednesday.

Jim Culp interviews Petra Schulte, who talks about the benefits of a plant-based diet in living a longer, healthier life.

Mendocino County Public Health Officer Dr. Noemi Doohan provided an update, and the clinics spoke about the amazing work they are doing in the community.

In Mendocino Village, there was zero rainfall during the month of February. The county as a whole is showing less than half of normal rainfall. The State of California has predicted a "moderate drought year," and County Superintendent Carre Brown says we should start conservation measures early. Ryan Rhoades, incoming District Supervisor of the Mendocino Community Services District,  takes on a system of 400 individually owned wells in a drought year.

To hear this interview with Gaia Vince about her book, TRANSCENDENCE: How Humans Evolved Through Fire, Language, Beauty & Time,* click on this link:

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In times of crisis or emergency, KZYX’s primary mission is to provide crucial, up-to-date information. That includes global, national, regional and local reports. It includes interviews with county officials and experts along with call-ins, so listeners have direct access to decision makers and elected representatives. During this particular crisis, we’re also doing our part to keep staff and volunteers safe, to reduce risk of community spread of COVID-19, and keep our listeners — many confined to their homes — entertained, maybe even comforted.

The gray whales are passing close to shore on the Mendocino Coast as they migrate north from the Baja to the Arctic. Under ordinary circumstances, their presence would be celebrated by the volunteer-run Point Cabrillo Light Station, but this year the coronavirus has intervened. Jim Culp reports.

Jim Culp talks to Alexandra Jennings, interim manager at The Woods, a senior community in Little River, about the precautions they took early on to protect against the coronavirus.

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Dr. Apfel talks about the local situation, and the kinds of precautions we can take against contracting the virus. At the time of this report, there were only 1200 test kits available in all of California. Since the report aired, there are more reported cases in the state, and one death.

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Last week officials from Sonoma Clean Power, the Renewable Energy Development Institute and The Energy Alliance Association presented energy-saving options for businesses at a Fort Bragg workshop. SCP Programs Manager Chad Asay talked about his latest project, the Advanced Energy Center, which will open this summer in downtown Santa Rosa and will feature new building technology that can not only save energy, but produce it. 


Anderson Valley resident Captain Rainbow is the founder and impresario of the Variety Show, a two-night extravaganza of local creativity and community that takes place every year on the first weekend of March at the Anderson Valley Grange. Begun as a celebration to inaugurate the newly built Grange in 1991, the tradition continues for the 29th year on Friday, March 6th and Saturday, March 7th, featuring skits, animal acts, dance, music, story-telling and -- always -- surprises. 

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