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Children impacted by the Clayton fire received early Christmas

Children impacted by the Clayton fire received early Christmas presents this past weekend, thanks to a toy drive organized by a group of friends. From the Brick Hall in Lower Lake Sunday, presents were distributed to 31 families and more than 50 children impacted by the August fire. 

Christian Villa-lobos, one of the toy drive's organizers, said each child received a stocking full of goodies and toys they had specifically wished for, which had been collected by the community over the last two months.
The Clayton Fire Toy Drive group is comprised of friends involved with a Facebook page called Lake's List. 
Toys, clothes and other items the children requested were dropped off at several different places around the county, and packages also were mailed from Hawaii, Sacramento, Stockton and Southern California.
The result, according to organizers, was a mountain of gifts. 
The newly formed Cobb Area Council in Lake County, secured two new sirens paid for by a grant from Calpine Corporation’s geothermal operations at The Geysers. The council is tasked with helping to rebuild the community after the Valley Fire disaster in 2015. 
They hold public meetings every third Friday at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Cobb. Eliot Hurwitz, the new Chair of the council, said they invite all residents in the Cobb area to participate every month in their efforts to recover from the wildfire disasters and develop the area. 
All 55 of California’s electoral college members cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton inside the state Capitol today [MONDAY], while hundreds of protesters outside held signs urging electors across the nation to buck the regular order and prevent the presidency of Donald Trump.
California elector Christine Pelosi – the daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – says denying the president-elect the necessary votes was always impractical.
ELECTORS1B/Pelosi: Half the states had preprinted ballots; the others were a little more free-form. Many states had rules about binding the electors, including here in California. So, by the time you put that patchwork together. It just didn’t seem that there was really the opportunity to come together. (18s)

In an unusual step, California’s electors passed a symbolic resolution urging an independent, bipartisan investigation of Russian hacking in the election.
Silicon Valley giant Facebook has outlined plans to use third-party fact-checkers to vet some of its news content. Facebook has come under pressure from users on both the left and right, decrying its use of data collection and charging that it's attempting to control debate on hot-button issues. The fact-checking plan appears to be an acknowledgement of sorts, that new media may need a filter. Gabriel Kahn, journalism professor at U-S-C Annenberg, says news today just isn't like it was in "the old days," when there were fewer places to get the headlines.