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Jeremy Meyer Live On Humble Pie (And Saturday Night At Lauren's Boonville!)

Anyone who was unfortunate enough NOT to hear the terrific singer-songwriter Jeremy James Meyer singin' and strummin' live on Humble Pie this morning (15 July) can hear the show again in the KZYX Jukebox archive at http://jukebox.kzyx.org.

Better yet, you can also catch Jeremy live "with special guests" at Lauren's in Boonville tonight (Saturday 15 July) from 9-11 p.m.

He's an amazing and talented local-ish boy. Have a listen! 

Jimmy has been invite folks to have some Humble Pie with him for over two decades. His approach to music is to have a good time. He's often heard, "Wow, I don't like that kind of music but I like your show."