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KZYX Board Meeting Minutes 5-11-20



May 11, 2020, 5:15 PM


A.     Call to Order: by Dir. Dow at 5:15pm

B.     Agenda is approved 

C.     Last meeting’s Minutes are approved.

D.    Reports from Management and Staff

1. President’s Report: We’re doing well. We received Community Foundation grant for a new generator for the


2. General Manager’s Report: See below.

E.     Committee Reports:

1.     Finance Committee: Dir Bushansky  

       a.     With recent donations and grants we’re doing well. Our silent drive so far has raised about $63,000.

2.     We received special Covid-19 related grants from CPR and PPP.

F.     Conduct of Business

1.     The Board unanimously voted to accept the offer of a building for a studio in Ukiah, pending a completed agreement. The expenditure was tentatively approved for up to $6,000 for new equipment and installation for this new studio. The budget for it is attached.

2.     The Board agreed that the My 26 Board meeting should be the annual Membership meeting and will be conducted on Zoom. This meeting will be announced on the radio as well as being put on our web site. It will begin at 5:15pm.

G.    There were no additional comments from Directors or from the Public.

H.    Meeting Ended: 6:00pm.

Manager’s Report

May 11, 2020

Ukiah studio: We’ve received a draft lease for the studio space offered by the Mendocino County Office of Education. The MCOE “cabinet” is meeting tomorrow to confirm the offer by Superintendent of Schools Michelle Hutchins to let us use it for free. They want a two-year agreement with an option for another two years, but either party can cancel. This is not a done deal yet, so mum’s the word until we have actually signed the lease.

Signals down: All three signals went down Saturday night around 6 pm, sending Rich to Cold Springs to replace an exciter. He is in conversation with our engineer Brian Henry about rebuilding the one exciter we haven’t yet rebuilt (we have three). Cost = 1K.  No problems since Saturday night.

Draft lease for Cold Springs transmitter site: Our seemingly endless negotiation with the State of California continues. Rich, Tom and I have all reviewed the draft lease. Its most troublesome section requires a 3.5% increase every year which I am asking them to cut in half (to 1.75%). It's doubtful they'll go for it, but it's worth a try.

Drive: Now scheduled for June 4-7. The goal is $100K — as of Friday, we were over $55K in the Silent Drive, not counting challenges. So hopefully it will not be difficult to get whatever is still outstanding in three weeks.



General Manager/Executive Director

KZYX/Mendocino County Public Broadcasting

9300 Highway 128, PO Box 1

Philo CA 95466

707 895 2324

Ukiah Studio Budget

We are in negotiations to recieve the use of a small building in Ukiah for a studio. The project to build a studio in Ukiah will include free rent, utilities, heat, and A/C  for use of a small building near Ukiah. SeaKay broadband has offered free internet service during our stay there! 

Below is the equipment we would like to have and their cost. To really do it correctly we should buy new equipment. 

 One time charges)

Phone and 2 TA’s for on air phones.                     $  200

New Broadcast Board (Arrakis)                             $1,699

Mini rack                                                                     $  285.30

Misc.                                                                             $    50 (power strips, dongles) 

Broadcast Shure Main mic                                       $  400

Mic processor                                                              $  150

Monitor Speakers                                                       $  150

Turntable                                                                     $  200

Phone system                                                             $ 1,200
Delay                                                                            $1,000 used
Receiver                                                                       $     50
Sound baffling                                                            $   150
CD Player 1                                                                  $       0 (Already Have)

CD Player 2                                                                  $       0 (Already Have)

Tieline                                                                           $       0 (Already have)

Music Streamer                                                           $       0 (Already have)

Rent for building                                                         $       0

Utilities                                                                          $       0

Internet                                                                          $       0  SeaKay internet Donated for free

Total build cost                                                        $5,535

Total monthly charges                                       $      90   (for 4 lines of phone service form MCN.)

Labor change for Rich building it all                  $       ?         Paid travel, lunches, and dinners.