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KZYX Underwriting supports local businesses

Spring 2022 E-Newsletter article by Katharine Cole

With the Quiet Drive and Building Fund Drive just around the corner, I am reminded of how our Underwriters consistently step up to support our station. Looking over the past year, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with our local businesses and non-profits as they continue to face the challenges of serving our community.

This Spring, I am happy to report most of our programmers, even some at the Midnight spots lately, have a supporting Underwriter. As a programmer myself, it feels great to see an Underwriting spot at the top of my show, be it 1pm or 1am!

I have just begun a new, online invoicing system which allows even more flexibility for Underwriters as to how to pay, monthly billing and recurring invoices, sending automatic receipts and reminders. The flexibility and reporting options have opened the door for many smaller businesses to easily support specific programs, alongside our sustaining underwriters. Mendocino County has always been a patchwork of creative and generous people, and KZYX is always working to help connect everyone with our listeners.

If you are an underwriter, or are interested in joining us, please don't hesitate to

** contact me (mailto:uw@kzyx.org?subject=Let's%20talk%20Underwriting!)

. We can chat and come up with a great marketing plan for you. And if you are a listener, please consider using the services of our Underwriters, support their events and fundraising efforts, and LET THEM KNOW you appreciate their support of KZYX.

Katharine Cole has been involved with KZYX for many years, as an on-air personality (Pride Radio/Sonic Blender) and Mendocino County Public Broadcasting Board member. She has been a professional musician for over 35 years, a signed artist to MCA in the 90's to being inducted into the Traditional Music Hall of Fame in 2007, to receiving a Grammy nomination for her album "Brittleseason" in 2014. She has a degree in Music from UCLA, but cut her teeth in the San Francisco punk scene of the 80's and became a top club draw in Americana circles there by 1994. She currently performs live as Kitty Rose in her all-original rockabilly band and as a country duo here in NorCal. Her other life is a love of organizing, office administration, and motorcycles.