CAB 2018 Survey

KZYX 2018 Community Advisory Board Local News Survey

On the back side of the Board of Directors election ballot there were eight yes/no survey questions, and members were asked to, “Please list local topics you would like to hear covered on KZYX news.”

The many comments addressing opinions on the style and substance of news broadcasts were directed to the news team, but do not show up on these survey results. Among these were 41 comments that expressed appreciation for the news team and the local news, and 29 that expressed the desire for more and/or longer local news broadcasts. Likewise, all comments related to programming were given to the Program Director.


Statistics of the survey

2130 members were sent ballots

710 voted (30% of members)

534 answered the survey (25% of members, 75% of voters)

278 added comments (52% of survey responders)

Answers to questions                                                                                                   Yes      No

1. Does the weather report play at a convenient time for you?                                428        39

2. Is the weather report too long?                                                                                     71      395

3. Is the weather report too short, lacking in detail?                                                   39      391

4. The local news plays at convenient times for me.                                                 440        44

5. I appreciate hearing reports of County Supervisors’ Meetings.                          475        17

6. I find the information from City Council meetings helpful.                                407        62

7. I want more time spent on local politics.                                                                 325      120

8. I’m satisfied with the diversity of topics covered by the local news team.        350        94

Local topics responders would like to hear covered on KZYX news

Below we have tried to organize the responses into useful categories. The number of times a specific topic was mentioned precedes each topic. Although the survey question asked for topics that members would like to hear covered, we thought the number of negative comments about cannabis programming was notable, and they are included.


6- More on the environment

4- Watershed issues- restoration- Redwood Valley

3- Timber harvest plans

2- The fight against herbicides and pesticides

2- Solar and renewable energy

2- Water conservation

2- Offshore drilling, can it happen?

2- How our local issues apply to national and global issues i.e. oil drilling, Fukushima

1- Sustainability

1- Use of public lands

1- Forest protection

1- Water sources

1- Impacts of Eel River projects

1- Flood control

1- Irrigation

1- Energy, especially locally produced

1- Easements to preserve open space

1- Is MRC over-harvesting? (report by Richard Wilson)

1- Land use issues

1- Hack and squirt

1- Negative effects of marijuana cultivation, polluters of air, water and noise, natural resource issues

Health and Safety

6- More on health and safety

4- Mental health- how is measure B being implemented?

1- Lyme disease

1- Healthcare centers around the county

1- Addiction recovery (no rehab on the coast)

1- Updates on Fort Bragg Hospital

1- People’s pharmacy

Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation, General Well Being

2- Requests for more


8- Requests for more culture and arts

1- Anderson Valley variety show

1- Art openings

1- Theater

1- Dance

1- Graphic arts

1- Sculpture

1- Music

1- Local writers

1- Interviews with artists and musicians

1- Ukiah Symphony

1- Willits Center for the Arts

1- Ukiah Players Theater

1- Mendocino College art programs and classes

1- Reviews of performances and openings

1- Public art


10- Shortage

5- Homelessness

4- Class K, who can apply?

3- Affordable housing

2- Homeless shelters

2- Cooperative housing

1- Investment for future

1- Programs for citizens to help with homelessness

Senior Issues

7- More on senior issues

2- Senior centers

1- Senior health

1- Senior financial issues

1- Senior discrimination


2- More on poverty

The Disabled

3- More on the disabled

Coverage Requested for Regions

3- South coast

3- Laytonville

3- Coast

2- Willits

2- Ukiah

2- Lake Mendocino (general plan)

1- Shelter Cove

1- Whale Gulch

1- Lake county

1- South Humboldt

1- Covelo


6- More on the local economy

4- New businesses

3- Tourism

3- Jobs

2- Profiles of local business people, innovations and innovators

2- Broadband

2- Ukiah Costco updates

1- Small-scale farming, new wool mill, fisheries

1- Failing businesses

1- Green building supplies and where to find them

1- Alternative economics

1- Local pension crisis

1- How to create jobs that will keep young people in the county

1- Exposé of local businesses or industries abusing the environment

1- Community vs. corporations (e.g., Dollar Store)

1- Corporate influences in the county including cannabis

1- Skunk Train repairs

1- Willits by-pass effects on downtown Willits

1- Logging- cover annual logging conference

1- Ways Mendocino is trying to revive its economy

1- Industrial investment



1- Reports on local wildlife

1- Living in and among wilderness

1- Bird walks

1- State parks (programs and activities)

1- The quiet life, backwoods, D.I.Y.

Roads and Traffic

6- County roads

3- Road repairs and construction (reports and updates)

1- Why the large decrease in $ DOT spent on roads in the last 2 years

1- More detail especially 128 from the coast to highway 101

1- Bridges- Albion, Hendy Woods

Education Topics

5- College

4- More on education

4- School events, politics, honors, superintendents, principals, teachers, special education

4- Board of Trustees of Mendocino College meetings

3- High Schools

2- Small schools in danger of closing (Albion, Elk, Comptche)

2- School Board news




6- Youth issues,

1- Activities- 4H, FFA, Model UN

1- Civic engagement (i.e., March for Our Lives)

1- Child welfare

Agriculture Topics

8- More on agriculture

5- Local food

3- Wine industry- both positive and negative

1- Increasing the bee population

Political Issues

10- Analyze, edit recordings, present synopsis of County Supervisor meetings

6- More coverage of County Supervisor meetings

5- Analyze, edit recordings, present synopsis of City Council Meetings

4- More coverage of City Council Meetings

3- More on politics

3- Grange conflicts and reports, 2018 elections

3- Racism in the county

2- Grand Jury reports

2- Ag. Department

2- Public meetings

2- Reports from planning committees

1- Mendocino County planning policy changes

1- Mendocino NRA

1- How are ballot measures developed?

1- Immigrants, ICE raids, local DACA dreamers and those who support them

1- Mendocino Historical Review Board

1- Water bonds

1- Waste and corruption in government

1- Injustice to anyone

1- County government- how does it work? Management and CEO discontent

1- Protests

1- Building and planning backlog

1- Diversity reflecting county- diversity and gender balance in local government

1- Complete coverage of County Supervisor meetings

1- Just the vote results, not the discussion of City Council meetings

1- Wants complete coverage of City Council meetings

1- More from Fort Bragg, Point Arena, Ukiah, Willits City council meetings

1- Wants to hear about City Manager’s salary

1- Local boards

1- Community Service Districts

1- Budget/county expenditures

1- Countywide fiscal responsibility

1- Community meetings (i.e., Lake Pillsbury info, PV irrigation district)


4- More on fires

2- Recovery and stories of successful recovery

2- Helpful tips on how to rebuild

1- Redwood Valley fire recovery

1- Follow up with Allman and emergency officer about changes made after fires and evacuation for fire, etc.

1- Emergency meetings regarding exits from Brooktrails and other districts

1- Wildfires

1- What other help is available?

1- Local fires, not just big ones

1- Fire ecology

1- Fire damage control

1- Fire mitigation

1- Investigative work on fires (like Reveal)

1- Departments and volunteer fire departments

1- Families resettled

1- Redwood Valley Community Plan

Native American Issues

9- More on Native Americans

1- Fight for gathering rights on their territorial areas

1- Indian sovereignty

1- Would like an on-air forum for community


9- More on Latino communities

1- Would like an on-air forum for community

Good News

5- More good news

4- Positive things people are doing in the community

1- Local festivals

1- Victory celebrations

1- The Redwood Valley Market Story is an example of local heroes

1- Notable people


4- More interviews

2- Man on the street interviews on various issues

1- Exceptional children becoming artists and leaders in the county

1- Colorful local characters

1- Irreverent interviews

1- Teachers

1- Word on the street

1- Talk of the town

1- Water bears

1- Capt. Fathom

1- Local seaweed harvesters

1- Northern California change-makers

1- High school students (conversations, debating, opinions)

The Law

3- Police/CHP reports

1- Law enforcement or lack of it

1- Prisons

1- Training for law enforcement

1- Crime prevention

1- Domestic violence prevention resources

Weather Report

2- Add surf reports

2- Report burn days in AM

1- Global warming/Climate change solutions from local people

1- More Lake County weather

1- Would like to hear broad trends, highlights, frost events, extremes

1- Sun rise/set, moon rise/set

1- Add tide charts


1- More reporting

19- Too much reporting

1- Small vs. corporate-big pharma influence

1- Detrimental effects of cannabis on local communities

1- How to get planners and other departments to address neighborhood concerns

Non-Profits and Volunteers

2- What needs can community members fulfill as volunteers?

2- Upcoming events put on by non-profits

3- Explore the mission and work of non-profits in depth

1- Food Bank


3- Sports

1- Museums

1- Community events

LGBT issues

3- More on LGBT


4- More on women

1- Empowerment

1- Local “me too”


1- Libraries

1- Merger of County Library and County Museum- what about measure A $?

1- Rebuttal to Willits News articles

1- Local airports

1- Opinions from conservative community members

1- Local history- what has worked in the past?

1- Ukiah Studio updates- other satellite studies