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BOD Minutes - 9-25-19

Minutes for BOD meeting on September 25, 2019

Present on the board: Tom Dow, Dina Polkinghorne, Jerry Karp, John Azzaro, Renee Vineyard, and David Hulse-Stephens. 

Also present, GM Marty Durlin, event coordinator Pooba, and two members of the public.

A)  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:15 p.m. by President Dow.

B)  Agenda Approval

The agenda was approved with adjustments to put public expression at the front of the agenda for the benefit of the members of the public in attendance, and to include a discussion of the BOD election.

C)  Public Expression

One member of the public made complimentary comments of the station and made a suggestion for a programming change. Pres. Dow explained that the BOD is not responsible for programming and referred him to the general manager or the program director. 

D)  Conduct of Business

1)  Minutes

The minutes of the July 24, 2019 were approved.

2)  General Manager’s Written and Oral Report

a.      See attached report below

b.     GM Durlin reported on special plans the 30th anniversary including the fund-raising drive, some special programming, a studio “open house,”  the 30th Birthday Party at the Little Lake Grange, and the Dark Carnival at the Philo Grange.

c.      Mendocino College wants to share an environmental reporter with KZYX. Our share of the cost would be $5,000. GM Durlin is looking for a donor to cover the cost.

d.     We are advertising for a new inland underwriting representative

e.     Questions:  Dir. Polkinghorne asked if current staffing was sufficient. GM Durlin said it was. Dir. Karp made a supporting comment that the staff was doing very well and had good morale. Dir. Azzaro asked about back up for Rich Culbertson’s talents and skills. GM Durlin said that Jake is learning some of Rich’s job, as is Alicia, so that the whole burden is not on Rich.

3) Discussion of Calendared Financial Reports was postponed to a later meeting when the board treasurer can be in attendance.

E)  Committee Reports

1. Financial—The station is currently $64,000 in the black due to a large contribution.  Dir. Azzaro asked about negotiations with Calfire on the fees for the transmitting tower. Dir. Dow said that negotiations continue. The station has not yet received an invoice from Calfire for the fee.

2. Membership/Fund-raising—Dir. Dow said there was nothing new to report. 

3.  Planning—Dir. Hulse-Stephens reported on the progress on the planning of the 30th Birthday event at the Little Lake Grange in Willits. Dir. Karp recommended that programmers be given a complimentary ticket and that some programmers may want to introduce bands. Dir. Karp will send an invitation letter to programmers and request an RSVP. The board approved the giving of complimentary tickets to the programmers that will be attending.

4. Programming/Publicity—Dir. Karp reported on recent press release for the 30th Birthday.

5.  CAB—GM Durlin underlined its importance. Dir. Dow said he was speaking with someone who may take over the coordination of it.

6. Bylaws and Policies—nothing to report

F) Elections (an addition to the agenda)

Dir. Azzaro encouraged the board to begin preparing for the election. There are procedures and steps to follow that former elections organizers can inform us about. Dir. Azzaro will contact the volunteers that organized the last elections.

G.) Comments from Directors

Discussion of an adjustment in the schedule and frequency of BOD meetings. It was decided to go to six meetings a year on the last Tuesday of the month beginning in January, 2020.  Projected dates are: January 28, March 31, May 26, July 28, etc. Remaining 2019 meetings TBA.

The second member of the public requested to make some comments.  She gave some critical feedback, including that she didn’t feel the meetings were well publicized. Also, she suggested we have an annual membership party.

H) Next meeting will likely be October 23, 2019

I) Meeting was adjourned by Pres. Dow

Manager’s Report, September 2019 

Upcoming 30th Birthday Drive October 4th-13th has been the focus of many of our activities this month. We’ve been working with a very useful 10-week timeline we got from Diane, and Renee has led us through it weekly. Here are some highlights of the drive, plus pre- and postdrive activities: • All-Station Potluck on Saturday, September 28th at 4:30 pm at the Philo studios. A group photo will be taken to commemorate the 30th anniversary. • Special programming on Saturday, October 5th: 1 pm, History of KZYX, hosted by Annie Esposito and Christy Wagner. 2 pm, “Go Ahead…Tell Me,” the KZYX Trivia Quiz, a takeoff on NPR’s “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me” • All-Night Grateful Dead Special, Thursday, October 10th, 8pm-6am • KZYX Birthday, Tuesday, October 15th, Open House at the Philo Studios, cake to be served. Plus special programming at 9 am KZYX Horoscope with local astrologer Elaine Kalantarian, followed at 9:30 with Thirty Years of Music. • 30th Birthday Party, Saturday, October 19th, noon-11pm at the Willits Grange • Dark Carnival, Thursday, October 31st, 6 pm at the Philo Grange Emergency meeting with volunteers: This month the staff met with volunteers who are interested in helping out during an emergency. The Sheep Dog Trials were broadcast live from the County Fairgrounds on Sunday, September 15th, hosted by Kevin and W Dan. Rich and Jake were on hand for tech. Broadcast came off without a hitch. Alicia had the idea of interviewing the winners next year. Meeting with Mendocino College: Alicia, Rich, Jamie Roberts and I met with college representatives to discuss airing their radio play in October (War of the Worlds) and further collaborations. We agreed to air the radio play on Wednesday, October 30 at 8 pm during Jamie’s show. We toured their amazing facilities, and Alicia outlined a plan to discuss future possibilities. The Geoff Muldaur Concert on Saturday, September 21st in Fort Bragg was a success, with about 150 in attendance. Arts meeting: Sarah Reith and I met with Alyssum Weir of the Arts Council of Mendocino County to prepare to submit a grant to the California Arts Council to produce a weekly arts magazine on KZYX. Philo studios maintenance: We had a tree company cut down more trees earlier in the month; and the septic system will be cleaned out this week. Underwriting department: I asked Sandra Chapin to leave, and we are advertising for a new Underwriting Representative for the inland communities. Deadline: October 14th. Programming: Alicia has interviewed all of the County Supervisors in the past few months, including listener call-in, and met with local public affairs producers. KZYX is offering four programs focusing on the border in place of The Discussion in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, produced by Cal and Loreto. Perhaps at the end of the year, the staff can come to a board meeting and present a brief report.