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BOD Minutes - 3-27-19

Draft minutes

MCPB—Board of Directors' meeting

564 S. Dora Street, Ste 1A

27 March 2019

Members attending: Azzaro, Bushansky, Dow [Note, Director Dow has relinquished the Board Vice Presidency to Director Polkinghorne. Dow is allowed still to serve on the Board because he is not being compensated for his work as Interim General Manager] Karp, Middlebrook, Polkinghorne, Tischler

Members absent: Hulse-Stephens, Vinyard

Members of the public: Campbell (former Board member, GM, and current historical resource)

A) Call to order @ 5:13, by President Azzaro.

B) Agenda approved.

C) Minutes of 02/21/19  meeting approved as corrected. [Final copy posted on station Web page]

D) Interim GM Dow’s written report: attached, with his oral comments added by secretary.

E) Committee Reports 

    1. Finance Report—Bushansky/Dow: Money is still coming in from winter pledge drive. We are at

       or even above goal. –We’re feeling very positive. --YTD: we’re ahead in revenue 

       ($5300) --overall, ahead by $15,000; however, underwriting is $6700 under. --Station needs a 

       procedures manual: we burn out staff by assigning too many tasks to too few people. --Bottom 

       line: $16,500 ahead; however, we have a negative net worth. --Polkinghorne hopes for monthly 

       budget reports that we vote to accept, or not. This is a goal, for 2020.

   2. Membership/fundraising:Dow confirms that he has confirmed several major donors whom he

       can work with, once his duties as IGM are completed. --No help from contract employee on 

       underwriting. Detailed discussion in closed session. 

   3. Planning:Campbell (crucial volunteer) reports that we’ve hired Da Grand Pooba [!] to run the

       station’s 30th  Anniversary celebration on 10/19. Live acts are being signed. Project about $17,000 

       revenue & $10,000 costs. Food to be supplied by paid contractor. Station sells beer and keeps 

       profit. We have several volunteer, permitted servers on call. --Polkinghorne suggests sending a 

       copy of draft 3-Year MCPB Strategic Plan, asap, to Marty, with note saying it’s w.i.p. asking 

       for input. 

   4. Programming/publicity: Karp reports he’s on the job for finding rooms in Willits. --He calls Board’s attention to Kathleen Rippey, a programmer with a lot of grant-writing experience, who can help  

       us. What are the Board’s ideas for getting grants? --Discussion moves to question of banner 

       advertising. Banner (reusable) costs $1000. Do we need it. Degrees of yes & no. Consensus is 

       that having one is a good idea. --Should we have a silent auction at 30thcelebration? Possible 

       donated, quality items and cabin rentals? --Tischler reports that he is very impressed with Rich 

       and Alice, and that he’s happily surprised at how much work the staff has already done [on the 

       30thanniversary project?]

   5. External Communications:none.

   6. Programming/Publicity:Karp reports on up-coming, brief press release about local news, 15

      minutes on most weekdays. (That is, station can’t yet guarantee 15’ of fresh news each day, but  

      it’s making progress toward that goal.) --Additionally, Karp reports the saga of filling the Sequoia 

      Room’s generous donation of all proceeds from the May concert date they’ve given us. 

      Conclusion of story is that the Levi Saelua Trio will be generating income for us.

   7. Bylaws and Policies: Polkinghorne reports that next meeting postponed until 1stThursday in May.

   8. CPBAudit:done.

   9. CAB(Community Advisory Board):Middlebrook reports that reorganization is progressing.

   10. Personnel:  Azzaro & Polkinghorne accepted everyone’s congratulations to all involved for hiring a new GM..

   11. Elections of 2019-20 Executive Committee & appointment of 2019-20 Elections chair: Vinyard

       cannot accept the post. Dow volunteers. 2019-20 Executive Committee wll likely be: President, Dow;   

        Vice-President, Polkinghorne; Secretary, Tischler; Bushansky, Treasurer.

F) Comments from Directors--none

G) Public Expression--none

H) Closed Session: personnel matters

I) Announcement out of closed session

       Confidential hiring & staff matters were discussed.

J) Next Board Meeting,  24 April, Ukiah.--Subsequent meetings, last Wednesday of each month. 29 May, in Ft. Bragg Senior Center is a membership meeting. We’ll formally introduce GM Durlin to the community and seat the 2019-20 Executive Committee. 

K) Adjournment: 7:55 p.m.

Draft minutes respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Middlebrook


Attachment: IGM’s report

Interim GM Report


KZYX Board of Directors Meeting

March 27, @019

Ukiah, CA

IGM’s oral comments in square brackets

1.  General Manager Search Update:

                     Marty Durlin has accepted the position and will begin April 24th. An available rental 

                     property has been identified in Boonville and we expect to have it secured in a few

                     days. [Marty will arrive on the 23rdor 24th. Suggest postponing regular membership

                     meeting, scheduled for 24 April, to regular May 29 date, to give Marty time to settle in

                     Suggest that meeting be in Ft. Bragg. Regular Board meeting to occur on 24 April, in

                     Ukiah. Special thanks to Renée Wilson for finding rental housing for new GM.]

2.  Staffing Update:

                     The program director position has been posted. We are receiving applications for re-

                     view by Marty, Alice, and IGM. [(Sec. notes Dow’s use of Oxford comma) --Alice got her               internship. There will be a one month overlap between Marty’s arrival and Alice’s 

                     departure. Alice and Marty wrote job description; Jake and Renée got it posted.]

3.  Technical and equipment Update:

                     One exciter has been repaired and tested and delivered. Rich and Brian Henry went

                     to Cold Springs yesterday. Installation is planned when we have the second Exciter in

                     stock. [Brian Henry (radio engineer) & Rich explored Cold Springs fuzzy signal. Fuzziness              was not caused by Exciter. When second Exciter arrives, we’ll install the first one. Jake

                     will be helping Rich. Jake works on underwriting in the station office & is generally very               helpful. Marty will have the final call on Jake’s job description.

4.  CDF –CAL Fire Tower Rent:

                     CDF has proposed a revised rent schedule. Rich and I are reviewing assumptions to see

if we can reduce space in the vault and lower rent. [Currently we’re paying 

11,500. We potentially have extra rack space at Cold Springs and at Bald Hill which we might not need. —President Azzaro confirms that we’re still in negotiations with CalFire.]

5.  The Community Foundation awarded a grant of $8000 for station equipment. The application for a

  Strategic Planning program is pending. [We’re investigating remote monitoring of broadcast sites,

  to alert us to developing problems.]

6.  The Winter Fund Drive was successful. Bob Bushansky will present details.

7.  The IGM met with CPB and NPR officials in Washington, D.C. Negotiation with NPR on amounts

  owed is in progress. CPB findings have been accepted as presented in February. This will be 

 finalized this week. [NPR is a work in progress.]