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BOD minutes 2-22-22

MCPB/KZYX Board Meeting

MCPB/KZYX Board of Directors

Minutes for February 22, 2022

Present: Directors: Tom Dow, Kathy Rippey, Dina Polkinghorne, Len Tischler, Kate Stornetta and David Hulse-Stephens. Staff: Marty Durlin. Other attendees: Greg Krouse, Dan Gjerde, Barbara Lamb, Estok Menton, Alexis Vincent, Brian Henry and Ed Keller.

Call to order: 5:02 p.m.

Agenda and minutes: approved.

Reports from Management and Staff:

Tom Dow recognized Greg Krouse to report on possibly locating the Philo studio (after the move to Ukiah) near the Philo Fire Station. He described the site and went over some details that need to be worked out, for example discussion with county health, the electricity drop, etc. Generally, it is looking very favorable to locate the future Anderson Valley studio there.

President’s Report:

Tom Dow asked Estok Menton, general contractor for the Clay Street remodeling, to report on the draft list of the costs for the remodel. The bottom line is $1.1 million. He showed an itemized breakdown of the costs. Marty said that there would be additional costs, as well. Tom described items that could be cut or labor performed by volunteers. Tom also said he would be meeting with the city planning department with questions about the ADA requirements, with the hope that some of the very costly requirements could be reduced to get the cost down. Alexis Vincent, the project manager, was surprised that she was seeing these figures for the first time. She had figures she had worked out, as well. Estok and Alexis will meet and look at the numbers together before the next BOD meeting. The BOD requested that each director receive a copy of the list of costs.

Estok said he was looking into contributions of materials, and he was open to volunteer labor.

Tom continued with his report, on the topic of the use permit violation. He and Estok will be meeting with Jessie Davis at the city regarding the trees on the property and our mistake of moving too quickly on the removal of some trees.

The Capital Campaign Task Force:

Kate Stornetta: The donor packets are stuffed and ready to go. There will be a kick-off event for the Capital Campaign on March 26, 4 to 6 pm at SPACE in Ukiah. We are planning the spring on-air fund drive.


Tom Dow: There are no competitive positions in the BOD elections. Each seat has one qualified candidate. The process, then, will be that the BOD will vote to ratify/approve the candidates at the March meeting, then they will be seated at the April or May public meeting.

General Manager’s Report:

Status of the 390 Clay Street building project: We’ve spent the past few months wrapping our heads around the scope of the Clay Street project, and putting systems in place so that we can do the work. It is challenging — huge and complex. Clear, timely communication is key, since it is easy to lose track of many moving parts.

After a major stumble in timing and communication regarding three trees on the site, we’ve taken some important positive steps:

  • The Building Task Force — Board President Tom Dow, Board member Len Tischler, General Manager Marty Durlin, Operations Director Rich Culbertson, Broadcast Engineer Brian Henry, general contractors Menton Builders (Estok and Laban Menton), Project Manager Alexis Vincent, Architect Rob Palifox and others — unanimously supported a statement submitted by Program Director Alicia Bales (see attachment), which focuses on the station’s stewardship of the property, including the trees.
  • We’ve begun a neighborhood outreach effort, including BOD members David Hulse-Stephens and Dina Polkinghorne, to make sure we’re communicating with our new neighbors and that their concerns and suggestions are heard. During our first foray into the immediate neighborhood, we received largely positive feedback, including a couple in their 90s who want to volunteer.
  • Tom, Estok and the arborist KC Johnson will meet on Wednesday, February 23 with Jesse Davis in the City of Ukiah Planning Department to resolve the status of the KZYX use permit. The City has received full documentation from both the arborist and excavating contractor about the condition of trees and their impact on the project.
  • We’ve receive a preliminary plan from landscaper Andrea Davis, which includes removing the front lawn and developing a design with native plants, both a priority for the City of Ukiah.
  • KZYX has extended its lease in Philo through October of 2023 in order to allow us to proceed carefully. This will also give us time to launch the Building Fund in the best way possible, with the most accurate figures on cost and a realistic timeline for disbursing funds.

What the Board needs to decide: We planned to present you with a comprehensive budget picture, with options about whether to add a room, whether to go solar and other important considerations. But we’re not yet ready to present a complete, accurate budget to the Board. Kate and Alexis will be working on the budget/timeline through March in order to present it to the Board at next month’s meeting. In the meantime, Alexis is available if you have questions.

Grateful: A big thank you to all who have participated in the meetings that are necessary to move this project forward. Everyone has contributed valuable ideas and considerations toward creating this new KZYX — a permanent home for Mendocino County Public Broadcasting that will serve our community into the future. Special thanks to Anne Oliver for her gift of facilitating difficult conversations and keeping the process moving.

Anderson Valley Studio: Hopeful news on this front, thanks to the efforts of local resident Greg Krouse, with the support of AV Fire Chief Andres Avila. As you know, we propose to use the trailer that currently houses KZYX administrative offices as an Anderson Valley remote studio and office space. We’re looking at the field next to the Philo Fire Station (about a mile north of Philo off 128, across from Jack’s); the site previously had a trailer hookup and has a septic and other services nearby. Len, Greg Krouse and I attended February’s AV Community Services District Meeting on the 16th to present the idea, and the CSD Board was receptive, asking us to return in March with information from the County and an idea of what a contract between MCPB and the Anderson Valley CSD might look like.

Board elections: The elections have been called off, after one of the candidates from District 3 — the only contested race — dropped out. Nori Dolan is still interested in serving, and would like to run for an at-large seat at the next opportunity. Hopefully we can pursue online voting before two more years elapse; we couldn’t have pulled that off this year.

Save that date: Sally Kane, CEO of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, will visit us March 24-27 and has offered to speak on our behalf at an event to be held at SPACE, in their outside courtyard, on Saturday, March 26th from 4-6 pm. Sally will be accompanied by a videographer and a photographer to document her visits to both KZYX and KVMR in Nevada City. This is an opportunity to officially kick off the Building Fund in advance of the quiet drive and the on-air fundraising drive to be held April 30-May 14. Tom will be able to attend, and there will be music as well as speeches.

(End of General Manager’s report)

Finance committee:

Tom Dow: We have a strong balance sheet, with $550,000 in our combined checking, savings and concert fund accounts. We have a YTD surplus of $100,000. Good news is that we have only $29,000 left to pay on our debt to NPR.


Tom Dow: We still need a new chair.

Action Items:

Statement of Intent: Marty presented a draft statement of intent regarding the future management of tree protection, authored by Alicia Bales. Dina moved to approve the document, Kathy Rippey seconded. In the discussion that followed directors expressed support for the spirit of the statement, but wanted an opportunity to revise some of the language for clarity and specificity. Dina withdrew her motion. Dina and Kate will work together to revise the language.

Comments from Directors:

Kathy Rippey said she has identified a grant and will be pursuing it.

Public Expression:

Ed Keller complimented the board and staff for their work.

Motion to Adjourn

Dina made the motion to adjourn, and Len seconded. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 6:34 p.m.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. –via Zoom

Thanks! Marty