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BOD minutes 11.30.21

MCPB/KZYX Board Meeting

November 30, 2021


PRESENT: Board members: Tom Dow, Renee Vinyard, Kathy Rippey, Kate Stornetta, Dina Polkinghorne, Len Tischler and David Hulse-Stephens; staff: GM Marty Durlin and Renee Wilson.

  1. Call to Order:  5:03 PM
  2. Agenda and Minutes approved
    1. The report on the Building Task Force will be covered in Marty’s presentation
    2. The Capital Fund donations from the Board of Directors totals over $54,000. Thanks to all the directors.
    3. The BOD elections will be held early in 2022. Tom’s status as an eligible board director is changing as he is moving out of the county. So, that means we are now looking for potential candidates in Fort Bragg and Ukiah.
    4. As a result of Tom’s future move, it was agreed that the list of check signers for the Building Fund account will now be revised to drop Tom as a signer and add Kate Stornetta. The signers then will be Dina, Marty, Len and Kate.
    1. Marty’s full report is attached, below.
    2. She reported that a group of volunteers was going to the Clay Street property tomorrow (December 1) to begin some needed demolition work in preparation for remodeling.
    3. In the search for an Anderson Valley studio space, we are looking at the Brewery as a possibility. Someone also suggested a space in the firehouse. The chief appears to be enthusiastic.
    4. Marty asked if there might be staff end-of-year bonuses. The directors applauded the idea and praised the work of the staff. Len moved to approve bonuses and Kate seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.
    1. Finance Committee: Tom Dow reported KZYX has come back from a deficit (which was expected because no fund raising took place in that time) and now has an $117,000 surplus. It is worth noting that income from sustaining members has increased to between $6000 and $7000 per month. We currently have $330,000 in the bank, even after paying the down payment on the Clay Street property. Len commented that we need to set up the bank account for the building fund very soon since expenses are already coming up.
    2. Fundraising and Membership Committees: Renee Wilson is doing a great job. Renee Vinyard reported on the online fundraising auction taking place in December.
    3. CAB: Zoom meeting happened as scheduled, but was cut short due to technical complications beyond our control.
      1. We need to find a new chairperson for the CAB.
      2. It was suggested that the required annual meeting be done on the air.
    4. Policy and Bylaws: No report
    1. No action items
    1. Kate and Marty are working with Phoenix Trent on a development packet for fund raising for the Clay Street project. They will present it at the Capital Campaign task force meeting on December 8 (later moved to December 15 at 4 p.m.).
  8. Adjournment at 6:14 p.m.

Next meeting:  January 25, 2022; 5:00 PM via Zoom


Manager’s Report

November 30, 2021

Fall Membership Drive, Oct 11-18: We extended the on-air drive for one day (a total of eight days) and ended with about $84K. The drive sounded great, and it also felt good, but our goal was $100K. So we continued to gently urge for more donations…and ended up with more than $102K. Yay for the staff, programmers, phone answerers, generous listeners and especially our membership director Renee!

License renewed! The FCC granted our renewal license, which is good until December 1, 2029. Thanks to Rich, and to our attorneys at Foster Garvey PC.

RIP Pepe: KZYX lost its resident kitty, Pepe, on the first day of the Membership Drive. Pepe was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and was treated with great sensitivity by W Dan’s friend “Doc Holiday.”

CPB: We are receiving about $13,000 more from CPB this year because of our improving finances. We are paying more to NPR; it just about balances out.

Fort Bragg translator: We’ve improved the situation on Bald Hill but still planning to install new equipment, probably in the Spring.

General Contractor: KZYX has hired general contractor Estok Menton, who has plunged into the Clay Street remodel with zeal, and promised to keep costs down wherever possible.

Anderson Valley remote studio: Still seeking the right spot for a continuing KZYX presence in Anderson Valley.

Grants: We are applying for a variety of grants, working with consultant Phoenix Trent, who is also assisting us to create a packet for building fund major donors.

End of partnership: As of the end of this month, we’ve ended our partnership with The Mendocino Voice and Report for America in sharing an environmental reporter.

Proposing January meeting between BOD and Staff: Let’s get together and plan our April On-Air Drive for the KZYX Building Fund. I’ve asked Anne Oliver if she might be available to assist in facilitating.

Thanks! Marty