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BOD Meeting 1-26-2021

MCPB/KZYX  Board Meeting

January 26, 2021


PRESENT: Tom Dow, Kate Stornetta, Bob Bushansky, Len Tischler, Kathleen Rippey, Dina Polkinghorne, Marty Durlin

A.    Call to Order: 5:15PM

B.    Agenda approved

C.     Minutes of 11-17-2020 Board meeting approved


1.     President’s Report – Dir Dow talked with one  of the owners of a building we were considering for moving the station. Otherwise President defers to General Manager for more news.

2.     General Manager’s Report – See report in full below. In addition,

a.     Signal issues: The board will need to approve any new signal setup including the equipment needed. After Brian, our contracted engineer, completes his analysis for a new signal approach including costs, we should have a Zoom meeting with him about his ideas and the costs.

b.     The Programmers’ Zoom meeting went well; everyone was happy about it.

c.     New Home Progress: The Board decided that because of the signal problems at 390 W. Clay St., unless we can use the roof of the ATT building next door, we cannot move there. We’re having trouble finding who is in charge of the ATT building so we can ask permission.


1.     Finance Committee: Dir. Bushansky. During the first six months revenues were $151k over budget and expenses were $8k over budget. Looking toward the next 6 months, there is no concern about meeting our 2021 budget. Current Ratio is almost 3:1. The big increase in revenues probably comes from 400 new members, improved local news, and improved underwiring. 

2.     Membership/Fundraising: Dir. Dow. Renee has done an excellent job. Over the past 6 months we have increased our membership by 400 and our fundraising has been good. 

3.     Plannning: Dir Tischler. No meetings.

4.     Programming/Publicity: Dir. Rippey.  Alicia held a meeting with programmers and staff. The meeting had 35-40 partiicpants and went well. It was agreed to have more such meetings. 

5.     CAB: No meetings. 

6.     Bylaws and Policies: No meetings.



1.     Adoption of Budget Reserve Policy.  Policy was approved. $125,000 will be deposited into a separate account as a reserve fund.


1.     The General Manager was asked if she would stay on past her initial three years if we aren’t yet moved into our new home. She answered “probably.” This would help us with both the Capital campaign and the move to a new building.


I.      ADJOURN: 5:55PM.



Manager’s Report

January 26, 2021


Signal Issues

As you know, the signal we send from Philo is about 70 percent occluded by the time it gets to the transmitter. If we relocate the mothership, we’ll have an opportunity to rearrange how we deliver the signal, in the most effective, seamless, reliable way. Our engineer Brian Henry also wants to apply for a transmitter on Cow Mountain which would beam into Lake County. We would have two years from the time the application is granted to finish the project. Cost to apply: about $1K; another $1K for license. Cost to complete: $20K-$50K. Population of Lake County: 65,000.


Programmers’ zoom meeting

Thanks to Alicia for organizing a programmers’ meeting, held on Saturday 1/23. Between 35-40 people showed up, and it was great to reconnect, even if only through Zoom. The staff thanked the programmers for their super efforts during the pandemic, and the programmers thanked the staff for their assistance and hard work. Among other issues, we talked about improving the segues between programs, and the hand-offs from various studio locations. We’ll meet again before the next Quiet /Flash Drive.


New Home progress

We’ve now looked pretty seriously at two properties in Ukiah: 168 Washington and 390 West Clay. They are both one story, with concrete slab floors. Clay has a park-like setting with old trees and grass; Washington’s grounds include a paved parking lot and a community garden. Both properties are approximately a half acre, and their asking prices — around $500K — are similar. The Washington building is large, about 4000 square feet; Clay is smaller. Clay has signal challenges; Washington has no obstructions. The New Home task force includes Kate, Len, KZYX member Jeff Ellis, and me. Tom has also participated. Our last meeting featured a talk by Mary Buckley, who managed a $3million capital campaign for Plowshares in Ukiah. Tom, Kathy Rippey, Renee and Katharine also came. Update at the meeting.


Continuing Education

As you know, Alicia and I are attending a year-long NFCB program with 10 other stations around the country that will give us an opportunity to learn new ways to engage with our community. Renee is taking a class about major donors, and Eddie is studying to get his Operator certification. I’ve offered to support Rich and Katharine if they want to take classes.


Halfway through the fiscal year

Thanks to so many, we did well. Details at the meeting. 


Thank you for your support! 

- Marty Durlin