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Board of Directors Meeting July 26,2018

Mendocino County Public Broadcasting

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes, 26 July, 2018 Meeting

CASA office, Main St. Ukiah

A) President Azzaro called the meeting to order at 5:23 p.m.

Members present: John Azzaro, Bob Bushansky, Tom Dow, David Hulse-Stevens, Jerry Karp, Jonathan Middlebrook, Len Tischler, Renée Vinyard

Member absent: Dina Polkinghorne (family emergency)

Also present: Anne Oliver, consultant; Stuart Campbell, member of the public

B) Meeting moved to discussion of personnel matters in closed session. Board members: see attached confidential minute.--Publicly reportable conclusion: this (new) Board has multiple challenges and opportunities, and the obligation to be as transparent as it can be in its deliberations.

C) Open discussion items:

Salary expense cuts will begin August 1st

We discussed assistance for our new underwriter person and ways to enhance underwriting

We discussed hiring an additional part-time person for our news department and another part-time person     

  for our membership department once our full-time person cuts back hours

We discussed changing the bylaws to save money by having Board elections every two years instead of every   


We began a discussion about a set of PR initiatives leading to our 30th anniversary.  We’ll develop more   

details for the next meeting.

We’ll send out a press release about our new towers next week.

D) General Manager's report: 1) He is working with Senator McGuire to work with CalFire to cancel the rent we currently pay for the McLaughlin transmission tower, as exchange for the emergency communications backup we provide; 2) he's “mopping up” details of the Further Reach Internet connection. It's already a great improvement; 3) CPB preliminary report of audit should be available by the end of August.

E) Committee reports: there were two, embedded in a free-form discussion of station matters involving all 7

committees' tasks:

   Hulse-Stevens and Campbell reported that the Planning Committee is focused on 4 matters: a) Publicity;

      b) Development of a community news program; c) the strategic plan; d) finding an understudy for Rich

      Culbertson—GM Parker remarks that, if Rich goes down, we go dark.

   Middlebrook reported that the CAB will hold a public meeting (they all are public) on 7 August, 6-8 p.m., in  

      the Rural Communities Housing Corporation's Conference Room.

F) Public expression: none.

G) The next Steering Committee meeting will be on Thursday, 16 August, 5 p.m.--location to be announced.

H) Meeting adjourned, 8:07 p.m.

Respectfully offered,

Jonathan Middlebrook, Secretary