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BOARD Minutes 1-23-19

Minutes of MCPB—Board of Directors' meeting

Willits Library Meeting Room

23 January, 2019

Members attending: Azzaro, Bushansky, Hulse-Stephens, Karp, Middlebrook, Polkinghorne, Tischler, Vinyard [Note, Director Dow has relinquished the Board Vice Presidency to Director Polkinghorne. Dow is allowed still to serve on the Board because he is not being compensated for his work as Interim General Manager.]

Members of the public: Campbell (former Board member, GM, and current historical resource), Futcher (former Board member, retiring host of The Cannabis Hour), Johnson, Keller (former Board member), Koliner (former Board president), Tim [Note: members of the public are not required to identify themselves]

A) Call to order @ 6:02, by President Azzaro, who also introduced the Station's new Willits newsman, Forrest Glyer

B) Agenda approved

C) Approval of minutes of 9 January meeting: President Azzaro says he assumes all Board members have read the minutes and so informed the Secretary, who responds that not quite all members have so informed him.--Tischler provided hard copy of the draft minutes for those who needed them.

D) President's comments: 1) This is KZYX's 30thanniversary year, and we'll make a big deal of it, honoring our past, preparing for our future, celebrating with members, listeners, programmers past & present; gala birthday party in fall. 2) So far, 23 applicants for the GM position. He expects more. Closing date is 31 January; 3) Spring election of Board Executive Committee usually takes place at the annual May meeting to seat the new board after the Board election.  Since we are not having a Board election this year we do not need to wait until the May meeting to elect the Executive Committee; 3) Station is hoping to have success with Community Foundation grants—we have one ($5000) for equipment, and a second ($10,00) is in the works, for strategic planning. 6) One of our Programmers, Doug Livingstone, lost his home in a fire, and he and his family need to start over, from scratch. The station has a list of items for the community to donate. Please do so.  

E) Interim General Manager's Report: In addition to his written report (attached), IGM Dow orally reports that he's grateful his job is interim[sympathetic laughter], that he's twice visited Forrest Glyer in the Willits studio & is aware of the leak problem, as is the City of Willits. Station has divided the county into 2 “underwriting sectors,” the coast and the 101 corridor. Jeff Zolitor will cover the Coast sector, Sandra Chapin the 101 corridor. They need more historical data about underwriting supporters as well as station marketing materials, ASAP.--We're not where we need to be in underwriting, “but we will prevail.”--Our goal is to increase News programming. The current objective is 15-17 minutes TOTAL, between morning and evening programs

E) Committee Reports 

   1.Finance—Bushansky (Treasurer) reports that he feels a bit like a mule with a carrot dangled on a

      stick before him: matters always seem to be getting better, but the carrot keeps moving.--the 

      problem is revenue (we haven't received all the winter pledges yet), and staff is having trouble 

      transferring underwriting information to the new team. There needs to be a discussion among 

      staff, IMG/GM about synchronizing that transfer.

   2.Membership/fundraising: Dow reports that, we need to tell our story in a better, more

      compelling fashion. This will require a basic printed document which will incorporate highlights 

      from the updated strategic plan.--Considerable discussion of Newsletter. IGM summarizes: “The  

      IGM has the word that the Board wants a newsletter.”        

   3.Planning: Hulse-Stephens: 1) the committee has a long-term strategic plan, based in the results

      of the survey mailed with the by-laws ballot (700 responses = 1/3rd of the membership—general  

      approval of that proportion expressed).--Next Planning Committee mtg. on 29 February. A grant 

      request (see President's remarks) to support a facilitator to help with strategic plan.--Tischler 

      adds that committee also has a draft of the strategic plan, “We just need to flesh it out.”--We're 

      looking for a (paid) coordinator for the October Gala celebration. We'll sell tickets for it. 

   4.Bylaws and PoliciesPolkinghorne reports no updates since last Board mtg. Committee moving

     “at a pretty good clip.”

   5.Programming/Publicity:Karp reports that he's working with 8/9 sites for GM job listing; that

      he'll be sending out pressers on the really successful new show, “Sports Talk.”--Futcher reports 

      (from floor) that she's handing over her Cannabis Hour show to Jenn Procacci, of Wild Land  

      Farm, Covelo. President Azzaro thanks Futcher for her ground-breaking show. Tischler suggests  

      station e-mail list helpful for publicity. Middlebrook cautions care in using e-mail list for matters 

      other than membership. “People are sensitive to [perceived] misuse of personal info.”

   6.CAB—Middlebrook: reports he's scheduled a reorganization mtg for 30 January in the Ukiah

      Library. [NOTE: Mtg. postponed (01/29), because of lack of response. M. will propose on-air 

     spots, advertising rescheduled meeting, in hopes of attracting more participants.]

  7. Personnel/Search: Azzaro/Polkinghorne: 23 applications so far; aiming for 2 finalists after 4

     February meeting.

F) Public Expression: Koliner wants more & timely on-air description of station workings, “more communications.”--Good luck on the GM search, and “check references!” [laughter] and she particularized thanks to long-time underwriters [General agreement].--Tim: “Good luck with the [leaky Willits studio] roof!” Do we need a line of credit (referring to budget hand-out)?--Bushansky answers, “We need it, for critical shortfalls & emergencies. Right now, it's at zero.”--Linda Johnson doesn't find out about station matters, especially programming changes and specials: “That Alice and the sheepdog trials. It was a scream! Just let that woman go . . . she's great!”

G) Closed Session.

H) Report out of closed session: personnel matters discussed in detail.

I) Adjournment: 7:29 p.m.

The next Board meeting will be on 21 February 2019, at 564 S. Dora St., Ukiah, at 5:15 p.m.

Please use the side door

Draft minutes respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Middlebrook


Corrected 01/31/2019, 02/01/2019


Interim GM Report

KZYX Board of Directors Meeting

January 23, 2019

Willits, CA

1.    General Manager Search Update:

The Position has been posted on various websites and the KZYX website for over a month.   The posting notice will expire January 31.  We have received applications or resumes from 19 individuals. The Search Committee is scheduled to meet February 4thfor the initial review of applications.

2.     Staffing Update:

a.    Jake Martin has been hired as Programming Administrator.  Jake has been a volunteer at KZYX for several months, including holiday coverage as morning host.  He will assist with programming and underwriting administration. He is a resident of Mendocino Village.

b.    Renee Wilson has been hired as Membership Coordinator. She will assume Diane Hering’s responsibilities for Membership and Pledge Drive administration, following Diane’s recent resignation.  Renee is a Ukiah High Graduate, Anderson Valley resident for seven years, and started as a KZYX volunteer in 2015.  She has worked part time as Diane’s assistant since 2017, gradually assuming more responsibility.

3.    Technical and equipment Update:

a.    Emergency Generator maintenance is scheduled for Thursday, January 24, with support from volunteer Jonathan Peakall, in coordination with Rich Culbertson. 

b.    A site visit is planned in the next month to evaluate the potential for adding a transmitter at Cow Mountain that might serve Lake County including Lake Port.

4.    Negotiations with CAL Fire and CDF on tower rent relief will continue in February.

5.    Grant applications with the Community Foundation for station equipment and a Strategic Planning program are pending. We expect to hear more in late February.

6.    The Winter Fund Drive is scheduled for February 23 – March 2.  Ending with Trading Time o March 2nd.  Board and Member volunteers are needed for phone answering and on-air service.