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Board Meeting 11-28-2018

Draft Minutes

MCPB—Board of Directors meeting

564 South Dora Street, Ukiah, CA 95482

November 28,2018

Members attending: Azzaro, Dow, Karp, Middlebrook, Polkinghorne, Tischler, Vinyard

Members absent: Bushansky, Hulse-Stephens

Also attending: Parker, former General Manager; Campbell, former Board member, historical resource person, 


A) Call to order, 5:16 p.m., by President Azzaro

B) Agenda approved

C) Approval of minutes, November 14, 2018, with Sec's proviso that the report from Closed Session will be

 deferred until the personnel matter is resolved

D) Chairman's report: reserved for closed session

E) Committee reports:

1. Finance Committee, Tischler—We have a good set of data, not well-presented. Financially, we're in good

      shape; Station Treasurer feels lines of communication/authority not clear. We're likely to get a $10,000  

      grant from the Community Foundation for ??news development. We have a $3k grant for equipment. We   

      must pay (stay current with) NPR for satellite feed. We need to work out a regular payment schedule for 

      old debt to NPR 

   2. Membership/Fundraising, Dow—Tomorrow (29 Nov.) Dow & Parker to work on equipment grant; Hulse-

      Stephens to work on strategic planning grant

   3. Planning—Campbell: has lots of notes; supportive response from Spencer Brewer, who asks what sort of

       30-year events we plan? Brewer suggests local, Mendocino acts. If we get the groups, he can get us in with 

      Fowler (for sponsorship?) Some free-form discussion. Azzaro wants to set a 1000 new members goal for 

      2019. Looks as though we have concert dates firming up for Cotton Auditorium (July), Sequoia Room 


   4  Programming/publicity—Karp: nothing new. We made Word of Mouth, and today's AVA. Aiming for a 

      Sports Talk press release, and also for a January release about Latino local affairs programming 

   5. Communications—Middlebrook leads into discussion of procedure(s) for resolving complaints. In general,

      complaints to the Board should be forwarded to GM, with request for report of resolution. Complaints 

      received by staff should be dealt with appropriately, and with the GM making a report of each to Board.--

      Secretary is to acknowledge complaints received by Board, generally saying that most complaints are to 

       be handled by GM.--Took some time to work this process out in discussion.

   6. By-laws and Policy—Polkinghorne: there will be a committee meeting on 12/03

   7. A director brought up the point that CPB requires stations with 5 or more employees to have a presence

       at job fairs as ppart of their recruitment process,, as well as web posting and advertising. Parker mentions 

      that the college has such a fair, and that at least 8-10 people expressed interest in radio work. 

   8. Special item, acknowledging Jeff Parker for his enthusiastic support of the station in the community. his

      outreach to the College, his willingness to help in transition to a new GM.--Sign of Parker's continued   

      engagement: good suggestion to Middlebrook about how to get CAB meetings onto a more positive track 

       of advice to station: listening sessions, “What's going on in your community?”

G) Public expression – Campbell: Yeah! also mentioned Alice’s suggestion for contest for a new station logo, incorporating 30th  

      anniverssay motif & justifiable brag 

H) Closed Session—personnel matters

I) Report out of closed session—discussion of personnel matters following on GM Parker's resignation.

I1) Some matters discussed were not particularly confidential: setting up a master calendar on the Website, to keep track of committee and Board meetings; working out job search process, calendar, criteria, questions; Dow temporarilystepping off the Board while he serves as (unpaid), interim General Manager. Polkinghorne to serve as temporary Vice President during that period.

J) Next Meeting—January 9,  2019

K) Adjournment, approximately 7:45 p.m.