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Logging begins in Jackson State Forest

13 minutes ago

June 10, 2021 — Logging started early this morning in the Jackson Demonstration State Forest, in spite of the efforts of local tribal and environmental groups that believe the trees are more valuable standing.

But CalFire is moving ahead with its timber harvest plan in Caspar 500, one of six plans the agency intends to move forward with.

Tree sitter Alder was high up in the now-iconic Mama Tree when logging trucks arrived.


Referendum effort to repeal 10% underway

8 hours ago

June 10, 2021 — As the Board of Supervisors prepares to adopt an unpopular cannabis cultivation ordinance, two separate groups are planning referenda to repeal or amend the final product. One group is gathering signatures to repeal the whole thing. Another group wants to strike the ten percent provision, and follow up with negotiations for further amendments, or, failing that, a citizens’ initiative.

June 9, 2021 — A proposed development in the Western Hills of Ukiah has neighbors fuming as the city takes steps to acquire and annex about 700 acres off of Redwood Avenue, in the headwaters of Doolan Creek. The property currently belongs to David Hull, who gave the city 188 acres adjacent to the proposed project parcels late last year. The city wants to break 54 acres into seven lots for single family residential parcels, where owners would be allowed to build one main house and one additional dwelling unit each.

Contributed by Kelda Britton

June 8, 2021 — As the region heads into a massive drought and the start of fire season, there are some signs of optimism about humanity’s ability to reverse some of the damage it’s done.

June 7, 2021 — On Wednesday, the Board of Supervisors voted 4-1, with John Haschak dissenting, to waive the first reading of a cannabis cultivation ordinance which, if it becomes law, will allow grows of up to ten percent on ag and rangeland parcels over ten acres. Ellen Drell is working with a citizens group called Save Our Water, Wildlife, and Way of Life to repeal the ordinance.

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To hear this interview with Washington University Sociology Professor, Mark Rank, about his book, POORLY UNDERSTOOD: What America Gets Wrong About Poverty, and to see articles pertinent to it, click on this link:  https://forthright.media/2021/05/19/mark-r-rank-poorly-understood-what-america-gets-wrong-about-poverty/

To hear this interview with University of British Columbia Forest Ecology Professor, Suzanne Simard, about her work and her book, FINDING THE MOTHER TREE: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest, click on this link: https://forthright.media/2021/05/04/suzanne-simard-finding-the-mother-tree-discovering-the-wisdom-of-the-forest/

It also includes the lyrics to Requiem for a Forest by Eric Funk & performed by Roots in the Sky

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Tensions are rising in the Democratic Republic of Congo as the government cracks down on demonstrations against President Joseph Kabila extending his term past his constitutional two-term limit.

Human Rights Watch says it documented at least 26 deaths during protests Tuesday in multiple cities and called the country a "powder keg." It said it is still verifying the number of dead.

Each Wednesday at St. Francis Episcopal Church on the north side of San Antonio, dozens of refugees from all over the world come for free care at the Refugee Health Clinic.

Students and faculty at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio have teamed up to operate one of the only student-run refugee clinics in the country.

Updated at 6:45 p.m. ET

After more than a year of delays, Texas health officials are moving to block the women's health provider Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid funds beginning next month.

In October 2015, Texas officials told Planned Parenthood that the state intended to bar the organization from the public insurance program. Planned Parenthood responded with a lawsuit seeking an injunction against the state.

People who want to sign up for a policy on HealthCare.gov after the annual open enrollment period ends Jan. 31 may have to produce a paper trail proving that they qualify for a "special enrollment period," before their coverage can begin, according to details of a pilot program described by federal officials.

But the verification measures, long sought by insurance companies, may deter the very consumers the marketplace needs to attract: healthy people who may not bother signing up if doing so is a hassle.

Children impacted by the Clayton fire received early Christmas presents this past weekend, thanks to a toy drive organized by a group of friends. From the Brick Hall in Lower Lake Sunday, presents were distributed to 31 families and more than 50 children impacted by the August fire. 


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