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Mendocino flies Ukrainian flags

Two large banners, one blue and yellow, fly in a park overlooking the Pacific ocean.
Keri Ann Bourne
Blue and yellow banners fly in a park in Mendocino overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Blue and yellow flags appear all around the town of Mendocino, in support of besieged Ukrainians.

April 15, 2022 — Around late March as I drove into Mendocino Village, I saw a new sight: two of the biggest flags in rich brilliant color, dancing in the strong wind. Flags in the town of Mendocino are normal for the music festival, art events, to direct to one of the many weddings that the rustic and charming backdrop of Mendocino plays host to.

This pair struck an immediate chord with this journalist, however, when I realized the significance of their colors: one yellow, one blue, side by side. As I kept driving, I saw several more. Today there are literally dozens of pairs all around town. You really cannot miss them if you drive or walk around the town of Mendocino.

I have been curious about their sudden appearance and apparent ability to multiply. So I talked with the person behind the idea for the flags around town, local resident David Gross. We met at the Rotary Park in Mendocino, on the corner of Main and Lansing Streets on a sunny early morning with birds chirping in the background and the air warming us as we sat at a comfortable well worn picnic table.

Local News
Keri Ann Bourne is a long-time coastal resident covering social and environmental issues that are important to her community.