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High Gas Prices and Gas-Saving Tips

Gas prices are high, but Kelley Blue Book offers strategies motorists can use to get the most bang for the buck at the pump:

-- Gasoline is densest when it is cold and consumers are charged based on volume, not density. Buy gas during the coolest time of day, usually first thing in the morning.

-- Four tanks of gasoline with "Techron" can clean your fuel injectors as well as most professional grade cleaners. Clean injectors will help your vehicle get up to 5 percent better gas mileage.

-- If your vehicle does not require premium grade gas but you use it anyway, you will save money by using a lower grade. In fact, you may find that you get better fuel economy with a lower gasoline grade.

-- Check your vehicle's air filter and tire pressure. A clogged or dirty air filter can slow your vehicle down and use more gasoline. A clean filter will lead to less gas waste. Under-inflated tires could cause excessive drag, slowing the vehicle and causing the engine to consume more gas.

-- Accelerate normally from a fully stopped position and avoid "flooring" or "stabbing" the gas pedal. Such actions push more fuel to the engine than is needed to move forward and wastes gasoline.

Source: City News Service, Kelley Blue Book

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Nationally renowned broadcast journalist Susan Stamberg is a special correspondent for NPR.