Youth Speaks Out

First Sunday of the month at 3 PM

Youth Speaks Out is Hosted by Dan Roberts and features young people from all over the county discussing issues import to them. From education to jobs to growing up around Marijuana to growing up in a rural community, from the high tech revolution to the environmental burden they inherit.

Hear some of the areas brightest young minds as they talk frankly and articulately about growing up in Mendocino and the surrounding areas. 

Be sure to catch Youth Speaks Out every first Sunday at 3 PM.

Dan Roberts

 Sunday's show was hosted by Laytonville High School students. The topic was "Reactions to Drug Education." The hosts were various students who had listened to Ralph Cantor on cannabis/alcohol and the developing brain. What did they learn? Is it important? What do they now know that their parents do not know? Do they consider marijuana use in high school a problem? I found they had interesting insights into drugs in the schools and drug education.    Really worth hearing, and thinking about how important honest drug education in the schools is.