Forthright Radio

Alternate Wednesdays, 9:00am to 10:00am
  • Hosted by Joy LaClaire

Forthright Radio, with host Joy LaClaire, brings dynamic and important writers, authors, and persons of interest on the program to talk about issues of the day.

A sample of recent guests includes UCLA History Professor, Benjamin Madley, award winning environmentalist, Alexis Bogonofsky, Christopher Achens, Henry Giroux, Dan Grazier, Suzanne Kelly and John Trudell, and many more.

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DARK MONEY w Kimberly Reed

May 16, 2018

To hear this segment of Forthright Radio with writer/director/producer of DARK MONEY, Kimberly Reed click on this link:

Rodents of Unusual Size

May 5, 2018

To hear this interview with Quinn Costello, editor & a co-producer of RODENTS OF UNUSUAL SIZE, click on this link:

Burned: Are Trees the New Coal?

May 3, 2018

To hear this interview with Alan Dater & Lisa Merton about their film, BURNED: ARE TREES THE NEW COAL?, click on this link:

It will screen at the Mendocino Film Festival at the Matheson on June 2nd at 3pm.

Their award winning film about Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai, TAKING ROOT, screens at the Caspar Community Center on June 6th at 7pm.

Santiago Rizzo - QUEST

Apr 19, 2018

To hear this interview with Santiago Rizzo on his film, QUEST, click on this link:

QUEST, the new film by Santiago Rizzo, is autobiographical, based on his relationship with his amazing Berkeley Willard Middle School teacher and coach, Tim Moellering, and his “PROMISES NEVER BROKEN.”

It will screen at the Mendocino Film Festival on June 1 at Coast Theater (3pm) & June 2 Crown Hall (3pm).

Jenny Murray - ¡Las Sandinistas!

Apr 18, 2018

To hear this interview with Jenny Murray - writer, director, editor of ¡Las Sandinistas! click on this link:

 ¡LAS SANDINISTAS! chronicles the crucial role of women combatants in Nicaragua’s successful revolution to overthrow the decades long dictatorship of the Somoza family.