Sheriff Allman Makes Case For Measure B Mental Health Initiative, On KZYX Politics A Love Story

Nov 3, 2017

Just days before the 7 November election, KZYX Politics: A Love Story host Bob Bushansky on Friday 3 November interviewed Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman about Measure B, the local initiative to fund a mental health facility in Mendocino County. Sheriff Allman spoke in favor of Measure B. KZYX invited Measure B opponents to join the show, but none accepted. 


In 2016, Sheriff Allman promoted a similar measure, but it failed at the ballot box, losing by 165 votes.

In Friday's conversation, Sheriff Allman talked about how the two measures differ and why he thinks that this one should pass. Sheriff Allman discussed how Measure B will increase law enforcement efficiency, reduce the cost of incarceration and improve services to individuals whose mental illnesses lead them into the criminal justice system. He argued that a local capacity for treatment will reduce recidivism and reduce costs for the county and the community. 
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