Stuart Campbell


My name is Stuart Campbell, and I am the host of “Consider This,” on Mendocino County’s Public Broadcasting station KZYX. I am committed to promoting critical living, by which I mean engaged, discerning and creative living that fulfills life. I am an educator, having taught courses in comparative religion, critical reasoning, introduction to philosophy, ethics, & communication. I currently teach for Santa Rosa Junior College & College of the Redwoods.

Stuart is also the Programmers elected member of the MCPB Board of Directors and has previously served as the Board President and as KZYX's interim General Manager.


Ways to Connect

The Positive Parenting Program, known as Triple P, is proven to build better relationships between parents and children.  The unique feature of Triple P is how the strategies and techniques learned have the potential to improve all relationships.  It allows caregivers and parents to gain confidence, learn strategies to teach children new skills, and have realistic expectations while parenting in a positive and effective way. 

Triple P Mendocino