Sheri Quinn

News Director

Sheri is the current news director at KZYX. Sheri has an impressive C.V. and comes to KZYX from Utah where she was an award winning journalist and reporter.

Sheri proved her talents to the KZYX listeners during the important extensive coverage of the fires in Lake county. Her reporting on local elections and the growing concern over changes in the local cannabis industry has won her praises from all over Northern California. 


Climate change is intensifying wildfires across California.  Fires are burning hotter, faster, and they are more unpredictable.  Forester Chris Anthony discusses fire behavior and how it has changed since the 1930s. 


The Eel River Recovery Project ( ERRP) released the results of their latest (third) survey of the non native Sacramento pikeminnow in the Eel River. The results indicate the fish is thriving and is likely negatively impacting non native fish species such as Coho and Chinook Salmon, Summer Steelhead, lamprey, and trout.  

Rita Crane

The historic Albion River Bridge on the Mendocino County coast inspires wonderment.  It is the highlight of the Albion community but Caltrans is considering replacing the bridge, which will also change the character of the town.  Local residents are working together to keep the bridge in tact.  

Sheri Quinn

Bernadette Smith is a member of the Manchester/Point Arena Band of Pomo Indians. She's proud to sing beside her father, a well respected leader and 

powerful teacher among tribes across Northern California. He inspired her, as well as countless others, to keep indigenous song and dance a vibrant part of their communities.  Special thanks to author Kim Bancroft for providing the tape of her interview with Bernadette Smith. 


Red abalone is the most sought after species of wildlife on California's black market. The world's last viable population resides on the state's north coast and poachers will risk their lives and jail time to harvest this edible mollusk from these frigid and choppy waters.