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Information & News from the KZYX General Manager

I will be posting news and information here about any changes occurring at the station. As you are probably aware, staff member Mary Aigner is retiring after 22 years with KZYX. She will still be producing the show DEAD AIR on Thursday nights. She has provided incredible service to the station for many years, in many different positions, including her current job as Program Director, and her previous jobs as Interim Station Manager, Membership Coordinator and Underwriting Sales Director.

Angela DeWitt has been named our new Interim Program Manager. The staff is working together to create a new job description for the Program Director, and when that is done (and budget permits) we will post the job widely and have an open hiring process.

Stay tuned more news and information soon!

Lorraine Dechter
General Manager KZYX & Z
Mendocino County Public Broadcasting
(707) 895-2324

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Morning News, Friday, October 26th

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A psychologist testified Wednesday during the sanity phase of the Norbury trial that he had diagnosed convicted killer Billy Norbury as a paranoid schizophrenic.

"This is a brain-damaged individual (who was) not medicated," Dr. John Podboy said Wednesday afternoon. 

Norbury in July changed his not-guilty plea to one of not guilty by reason of insanity.

Podboy, a clinical forensic psychologist, said he had interviewed Norbury for a total of about six hours, and had used several tests to assess Norbury who , he said, showed signs of "persecutory delusions," being "disconnected from reality" and having "auditory hallucinations." 

Schizophrenia is exacerbated by drug or alcohol use, and Podboy noted that Norbury drank to lessen the effects of voices telling him to "do bad things." The condition worsened, he said, when Norbury's now-estranged wife left him and filed for divorce.

On cross-examination, Eyster questioned Podboy about methods he had testified could be used to diagnose the physical component of schizophrenia, but he said no MRI or isotope test had been done.

Podboy confirmed that Norbury had told him that he wasn't paranoid and had no violent fantasies, among other things.

Eyster also asked Podboy to confirm that he had documented no blackouts during his first interview with Norbury.

Eyster said family members had testified that Norbury had experienced "crying or wailing episodes," a symptom Podboy had said supported his schizophrenia diagnosis. Eyster told the jury Tuesday that Mendocino County Jail staff would testify Norbury had not needed medication or counseling.

An officer-involved shooting occurred yesterday afternoon on Highway 29 near the Twin Lakes subdivision south of Lower Lake.

A 52-year-old man was stopped by a CHP officer for a routine traffic stop.

The man attacked the officer and tried to grab the officer's gun. The officer shot the suspect, who died on scene. The man is not a Lake County resident, as far as he knows.

The incident is currently under investigation. Fatal incident protocol is being followed.







Mendocino Coast Hospital CFO Wayne Allen has been appointed interim CEO and will retain his position as CFO.

The hospital is running at a deficit and filed for bankruptcy on Oct. 17.

“I'm comfortable and confident about guiding the hospital through the bankruptcy process to assure sustainable operating performance whereby access to local healthcare is available," said Allen. 

The hospital board has directed the hospital's human resources director to begin a search for a permanent CEO.









On Wednesday, approximately 250 to 300 community members came to the Ukiah Food Bank to receive provisions  but this time, in addition to groceries, each person was provided with two sturdy reusable bags issued by members of Ukiah High School's Environmental Club. 

Senior Martina Morelli, the club's co-president, explained the origination and implementation of this project. "As a member of the Environmental Club, we had been part of supporting the city- wide plastic-bag ban and we wanted to create something positive from this. Many people were concerned that banning bags would create an unnecessary hardship for those who could not afford to purchase bags so this give-away puts the bags into the hands of hundreds of people who otherwise would not have access to them." 

The idea for this project originated in last year's Environmental Club. The club received a grant to buy 700 bags and the Ukiah Daily Journal contributed an additional 100 for the effort. Some of the $725 to purchase the bags was also raised by fundraising efforts of the club. 

Morelli met with City Council member Mary Anne Landis and they determined the sites for distribution that included, in addition to the Food Bank, the Alex Rorabaugh Center and the Farmer's Market. 











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