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Breaking News: Napa Earthquake; Lodge Lightning Complex Fire

Sunday morning earthquake (Updated at 7:20am Tuesday August 26): According to the USGS, an earthquake and several aftershocks were recorded this morning. The original quake at 3:20am Sunday morning was measured at 6.0 and was centered near American Canyon. Three aftershocks were recorded near Napa: at 5:01am (2.5), at 5:47am (3.6), and 7:22am (2.5); two more near American Canyon at 7:54am (2.8), and 10:38am (2.6).

KQED reports the following information:
A 6.0-magnitude earthquake epicentered at the southern edge of Napa struck at Sunday morning at 3:20 a.m.
• The quake is the strongest to strike the Bay Area since the 6.9 Loma Prieta quake of Oct. 17, 1989.
• Napa’s Queen of the Valley Hospital reports treating 208 people between the time the earthquake struck at 3:20 a.m. and 11 p.m. Sunday. The hospital says a total of 17 people were admitted, most in fair to serious condition. One person remains in critical condition. Vallejo is reporting 25 minor injuries.
• The city of Napa has reported 33 buildings have been deemed unsafe. Officials in Vallejo have closed a two-block stretch of one of the city’s principal streets because of concerns that a church bell tower could collapse, and Napa’s school district announced that schools will remain closed Tuesday and possibly beyond. KQED’s Craig Miller reports that Vallejo’s First Baptist Church, at the corner of Carolina Street and Sonoma Boulevard, has been red-tagged. Among the church’s structural concerns: that the bell tower has been weakened to the point where it might collapse. This fear has prompted officials to close Sonoma Boulevard, which is also Highway 29, for two blocks on either side of the church. The closure also affects Lincoln Elementary School, immediately across the street from First Baptist.
• Napa officials updated the number of buildings red-tagged there to 64. Among the buildings shut down is the city’s historic courthouse building, and county officials announced today that the building will be closed indefinitely as it undergoes structural analysis. Several other major public buildings, including the Napa County Administration Building, were closed Monday.
• The Napa Valley Unified School District announced schools across the city will remain closed Tuesday as staff cleans up after the quake. The district will make a decision Tuesday about whether the closure will be extended.
• The Napa Fire Department reported Monday it responded to 50 fires after the quake, including one in a mobile home park that destroyed four units and damaged several others. Fire officials said an initial lack of water due to water-main breaks led to some of the destruction.
• Napa’s water system is undergoing repairs after suffering 60 water-main breaks. Officials say that some residents will lose water service during repairs and are advising affected residents to use boiled or bottled water until further notice.

Additional detailed information can be found at KQED's website: KQED reports.

Lodge Fire: The fire status has not been updated by Cal Fire since Wednesday evening. It appears that there will be no additional updates until/unless there is a significant change in the status. KZYX will monitor Cal Fire and other fire, police, and safety sources and advise if needed. At last report the fire had consumed 12,535 acres and was 96% contained.

Mendo Matters 8.21.13 Follow-up

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Many people wanted to have the link to the study that proposed the animal processing (slaughter) plant.


I received an email from Scott Cratty from the Ukiah Farmers Market which criticized my opinion about the

prices at the market, and, while, I disagree with many (although not all) of his points, I thought it best in the

interests of fairness to publish it. I also think that it important and laudable that the UFM matches EBT up to

$15 to allow low income folks to eat fresher local foods. 



Thanks for the time on the radio.  I totally appreciate it. 


Listened to the rest of the show.  I think you did a fine job overall.  But, I must also say that one  thing really annoyed me.  There is a widespread (false) perception that farmers markets are  expensive places to shop.  That perception helps make sure that farmers markets (where money  goes to the people actually making quality food for us as opposed to preservative, packaging,  advertising inserts, etc.)  stay small and that our local food production stays marginal ... giving all of the business from mainstream shoppers to planet wrecking mega-farms and CAFOs.


It is BS and bad reporting. 


You slammed farmers’ market prices based on prices for small-boat, locally fished salmon and grass-fed, hand-raised meats .... you cannot get those in a grocery store.  And you cannot find the same thing or  equally great taste or quality in box stores.  Taste test them side by side and you will realize they  are different things. You tossed out those prices alone so that people will compare them with CAFO junk meat prices they find in the big box they will keep not coming to the farmers market because  they assume they cannot afford it.   


More importantly, if you instead compare equal items, conventional” farmers market apple prices to store apple prices, farmers market organic apple prices to box store organic apple prices, lettuce to the same type of lettuce, etc.  You will find, like we have done is real comparisons several times,  that farmers market prices equal or better what is at the box grocery.  (But, are much fresher,  healthier and tastier.)   There are also things in season like cucumbers and such that several of our  farms have way too much of and were selling at rock- bottom, box store whopping prices prices  last week.  Why mention small farm lamb prices and ignore all of those other prices things?  Doing  so does serious harm to our efforts to build a sustainable local economy and make small scale local agriculture viable.




Scott Cratty


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