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Mary Aigner's Departure

Mary Aigner, Program Director for KZYX&Z, recently announced that she has decided it is time, after 22 years, to hand over the reins. She has some interesting opportunities that she wishes to explore, though she will continue to be involved with the radio station, including hosting her "Dead Air" program. As she told the volunteer programmers and her friends:

"It's been a great pleasure and an honor to work here, and I can't think of a more interesting or gratifying place to work. I'm constantly amazed by your talent, passion, and commitment to the cause of creating the best community radio we can, in service of the people of Mendocino County." 

We wish Mary great success in her future endeavors. We will miss her.

For the full press release, please follow this link: Aigner Press Release.

Community Advisory Board Meeting

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) has scheduled its annual public meeting for Friday, December 4, 2015 at 6PM. It will be held at Anderson Valley High School in Boonville in the Career Center Room.The public is invited to attend this meeting and there will be time for public comment. You can find out more about the CAB here: link.

KZYX Financial Update: We Are In The Black.

Posted by Stuart Campbell
Stuart Campbell
I am the General Manager of KZYX and the Executive Director of Mendocino County Public Broadcasting. You can ...
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on Wednesday, 20 November 2013 in Station Business

We have received our fall grants from the CPB and we have banked most of the fall pledge drive.  Our line of credit was fully paid off before we got the CPB money.  As it sits right now, we have enough money in the bank to pay every one of our bills and every penny of our past debts ($28K as of today) and still have more than $40K left over.

That's right - KZYX has never been in better financial shape than it is right now. 

So, in case you have read certain claims to the contrary in various local papers, we are not failing.  Far from it. 

And nobody has mislead you, or anyone else, about our financial condition.  It was claimed that I overstated how well we did last year and that this year would be worse because I didn't disclose that we wouldn't be receiving as much grant money this year.  That claim was simply false.

We finished last fiscal year (June 30) at about even because we paid $116K in back debts.  This summer we had very difficult cash flow issues.  But we got through well enough to the fall pledge drive, which went very well.  When all was said and done we reached about $105K in that drive, of which we have already collected more than $70K.  We paid off the line of credit.  Now we will pay off a ton of lingering bills.  We could even pay our old debts, but since that has been amortized into a no-interest loan, it doesn't make much sense to do it and risk not having enough money later this winter.

But this does not mean that we have nothing to worry about.  We will have to have a strong fundraiser later in the winter and a very good spring pledge drive, in order to not fall back.

And next year the CPB is going to give us a lot smaller grant - more than $30K less - because they have changed their formula for qualifying for what they call a "minority service" designation.  

So, things are going well now.  Thanks to you who support us, we are not going straight into rock-bottom survival mode.  But the fact remains that in order to do all of the things everyone wants - new studio in Ukiah, much fuller news offering, the return of beloved old programs and more, we are going to have to have these good years be the norm, rather than the exception.

So, if you listen and don't contribute...despite this good news, please do your part.  And if you do, thanks again.

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I am the General Manager of KZYX and the Executive Director of Mendocino County Public Broadcasting. You can contact me directy at gm@kzyx.org See my website cervisa.com for more about me and where I have been.

KZYX Is Seeking a New Executive Director/General Manager

KZYX&Z Community Public Radio in Philo, CA, is seeking a creative professional with non-profit experience to become Executive Director & General Manager of Mendocino County Public Broadcasting.

Link to Job Posting

Link to Position Description

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