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Breaking News: Lodge Lightning Complex Friday Fire Update (Final)

The KZYX Incident Update for Friday, August 22, 2014 10:00AM


The fire status has not been updated by Cal Fire since Wednesday evening. It appears that there will be no additional updates until/unless there is a significant change in the status. KZYX will monitor Cal Fire and other fire, police, and safety sources and advise if needed.

Incident Update Wednesday, August 20, 2014 6:30PM

The Essentials: Fire Information Line: (626) 622-7927 • Acres:  12,535 • Containment:  95% • Injuries:  15 •Structures Threatened: none • Fire Engines: 5 • Fire Crews: 8 • Bulldozers: 9 • Helicopters: 1 • Water Tenders: 11 • Total Personnel: 366 • www.fire.ca.gov

Current Situation: Crews continue mopping up and looking for hot spots within the contingency lines; steep terrain is making access difficult. Interior portions of the fire will continue to burn and produce smoke for an extended period of time in the Ukiah Valley; this may create possible health issues. Fire resources will continue suppression repair efforts throughout the fire area. Resources continue to be released from the fire to other incidents or back to their home units.

Anyone can send news information or news tips to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Farm and Garden May 20, 2013 with Tim Bates and Mark Albert

Posted by The Farm and Garden Show
The Farm and Garden Show
To see all available audio archives of the Farm and Garden Show go to our website link shown above. The Farm ...
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on Thursday, 23 May 2013 in Self Help and Sustainability

Jaye Alison Moscariello and Bill Taylor brought local experts for a discussion of what is currently going on in this crazy early season.  The archive for this show is at:


Not covered in the show but in a parking lot conversation after were some excellent tips: The best way to deal with heavy clay soil is to build a raised bed on top with good soil.  This next one may have been covered on the show but led me to immediate action: for incoming beetle pests, a lightweight shade cloth (30%) lasts many years while floating row covers burn out after 1 season.  I looked at a few local sources and found Sparetime supply, Mark's recommendation, to have the 30% at a reasonable price.  However, the clerk who carried it out for me said the newer material is lighter weight and does not last as long as the older one.  The change came about 5 years ago.  Still, he said his new material has lasted 5 years so far.  Mark mentioned ways to extend its life: get it out of the sun, in a rodent-proof barrel, when not in use.

In the show Tim mentioned thinning fruit to a fist width apart.  Check the archive for more of the show.  I will close with 2+ paragraphs Mark had intended to share on the program:

"Gardening is really all about being there, in the now, and responding. It¹s
all about observation, really seeing what your plants need, loving your
plants, asking them what they need, listening to them, treating them like
people, really. Inspect your plants, head to toe, every day. Is there a
problem? There usually is a problem, which can be remedied early on before
the plant is set back in it¹s season. Once you done this for many seasons,
you already have a leg up on what is going on. You may have forgotten, but
you¹ll notice things more quickly ‹ little things, tiny little things. Oh
yes, I remember that from last year!

Every minute there is a problem, believe me. When I walk out that door in
the morning, I feel like god opening the gate into the real world. Every
plant is speaking at me to give it some attention. No, I am not a
schizophrenic. They actually do need something, a tie here, a pinch there, a
collar, some shade, some water, less water. It is a dialogue. It is a
puzzle. Every plant is a life trying to fill its destiny in a given time
window, and we are there to help, to push it along, to get a jump on the
season. Every season has its window. Miss the time window and you likely
have missed that crop for the year.

So there are a million things to learn in the plant world. We created the
garden world. We are the god in the garden. We need to play the role of
benign ruler well. "  --Mark Albert

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To see all available audio archives of the Farm and Garden Show go to our website link shown above.

The Farm and Garden Show airs every Monday from 1 pm to 2 pm.

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