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AM News for Wednesday, 10.30.13

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on Wednesday, 30 October 2013 in Uncategorized

NWedam103013Humboldt County is developing an 

outdoor medical marijuana cultivation ordinance that will prohibit grows on parcels that are smaller than a half-acre.

Described at the Oct. 22 HumCo supervisors

meeting, the proposed ordinance will allow no more 

than five mature plants on parcels ranging from a half-acre to five acres. It sets a maximum 50-square-feet plant canopy area, a 20-foot setback from neighboring residences and a 600-foot setback from schools, school bus stops, parks, 

religious places and Native American cultural sites.

The proposal has emerged almost two years after the county adopted an indoor growing ordinance. The 

latest proposal seeks to set up a civil enforcement 

structure in response to complaints about the impacts — primarily related to aroma — of outdoor grows.

If approved by the planning commission, it will be a 

complaint-driven, civil code enforcement process.

Board Chairman Ryan Sundberg has repeatedly said that in Willow Creek, residents there have been 

continually complaining about the dank fragrance of 

fresh-growing buds during the summer and early fall 


The board unanimously voted to authorize 

development of an ordinance amendment based on 

the proposal.






Gov. Jerry Brown and governors of seven other 

states Tuesday announcean initiative that aims to 

put 3.3 million zero-emission vehicles on the road within a dozen years 

which dovetails with California’s goal of putting 1.5 

million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025.

The initiative takes the form of a memorandum 

signed by the governors of California, Connecticut, 

Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont. These states comprise nearly 25 percent of the U.S. vehicle market.

The agreement spells out cooperative measures 

promoting zero-emission vehicles which include battery-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles. Increasing the number of EV 

charging stations is a major component of the agreement.

The announcement was made in Sacramento, with 

officials of the states in attendance along with 

representatives of the American Lung Association 

and Consumer Federation of America. 

There are currently 16 zero-emission vehicle models available from eight auto


Brown recently signed AB which. It extends, until 2024, existing fees on motor vehicles, boat registrations and new tires which provides funding for at least 100 hydrogen stations with a commitment of up to $20 

million a year .




Political groups with ties to the conservative Koch

 brothers acknowledged Thursday they gave about 

$15 million to block a tax increase and weaken union influence in California last year without properly 

reporting the source of the money.

In a settlement with the state Fair Political Practices Commission, the groups agreed to pay a $1 million 

fine, the largest the agency has ever levied for a

campaign violation.

The Arizona-based groups, the Center to Protect Patient Rights 

and Ame ricans for Responsible Leadership, are part of a network of nonprofits operated by Charles and David Koch who used their groups, which aren’t \required to reveal the names of donors, to fund a \variety of pro-business and anti-union efforts.  

A Koch representative denied that the brothers 

played a role in the California election.

Americans for Responsible Leadership gave $11 

million, but it didn’t reveal that its money came from 

the Center to Protect Patient Rights until the FPPC

 brought the group to court. 

Representatives for the two Arizona groups said they simply made a reporting mistake.

document released by the FPPC shows that all but six of 132 contributions came from California donors, including more than $9 million from people with an 

address on Maritime Plaza in San Francisco, where the management company of the Fisher family, which owns Gap Inc., has its office.  Another $500,000

came from a man named Eli, last name redacted, \whose address is on the 12th floor of a building on Wilshire Boulevard in LA where Developer Eli \Broad’s foundation has its office on the 12th floor.

The list also shows $800,000 from Ventura County 

businessman Gene Haas, who served 16 months in a halfway house in 2008 and 2009 for conspiracy to 

commit tax evasion. Another $2 million came from 

financial services titan Charles Schwab.







The HazMobile household hazardous waste 

collection team returns to Fort Bragg Disposal, 

219 Pudding Creek Road, on Friday and 

Saturday, November 1 & 2, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The HazMobile visits Fort Bragg on the

first Friday Saturday of every month unless it is a holiday 


 Dangerous chemicals that can’t go in the trash are accepted by the HazMobile for recycling or 

special disposal. 

            The HazMobile is free to households but there is a limit of 15 gallons per vehicle per day


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MCPB Board of Directors

Our next board meeting will be held Monday, June 27th at 6pm at Anderson Valley High School. We hope you can join us as we vote to approve the budget for KZYX&Z for the next fiscal year, which starts July 1st, 2016. The address for the high school is 18200 Mountain View Rd in Boonville.

The Finance Committee will have a public meeting on Monday, June 27th at 4pm at KZYX&Z, 9300 Highway 128, between Philo and Boonville (closer to Philo).






Monday, June 27, 2016

@ 6:00 PM

Anderson Valley High School

18200 Mountain View Rd. Boonville


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT  Please introduce yourself



            Ground Rules:

            Public Comment (3 min each.) after each Action Item. 

            Public Comment on Non Agenda Items (3 min each)

            If interruptions occur more than 3 times by a single person that person will be asked to leave.


            RobertA's Rules for Board Decisions.  Description

            Recent successful fundraisers – Willits house party, Boogie Woogie Event

            Monthly meetings with Fundraising Committee.

            Monthly meetings with Executive Committee

            What we haven't done yet and what we plan to do      


            Mention anything that you have done for the station in the last 2 months

TREASURERS REPORT – Stuart & Lorraine

            Action Item: Budget Report


            Personnel, Fundraising, Ukiah?


            Action Item:      

            Approve Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CAB



PUBLIC COMMENT (3 min. each)




Here are the minutes from the meeting on June 2nd, 2016

KZYX/Z Mendocino Public Broadcasting

Board of Directors Meeting

May 2, 2016


Call to order – Meg called the meeting to order @ 6:04pm

Roll call: Bob Paige, Benj Thomas, Ed Keller, Meg Courtney, Jenness Hartley, Lorraine Dechter.  Absent: Clay Eubank

Action Items:

1.      Approval of previous board meeting minutes: May not have been approved. Will do this at next meeting.

2.      Approval of line of credit – presented by Lorraine Dechter.   Vote to approve: Benj, Jenness, Ed, Bob.

Treasurer’s report: Lorraine presented, Clay not present.  Meg requested that the reports come earlier so that the board can review them.  Lorraine plans to meet with the board once or twice a month to review in the future.

Thanking Departing Board members:  Mary Massey spoke for John Sakowitz thanking KZYX and looking forward to the future. Meg thanked BobPage  for all of his hard work.  Bob spoke about the new board and the new direction of the station. 

Seating of new board members:  Meg introduced Jonathan Middlebrook, Stuart Campbell, and John Azzaro.  New members made their introductions.

Nomination of executive and other communities: 

President – Stuart Campbell nominated Meg, Jenness seconded. Approved.

Vice President: Meg nominated Jane, John A seconded, approved.

Secretary: Meg nominated Jenness for secretary, John A. seconded, approved.  

Treasurer – Meg nominated Stuart, Ed seconded, approved.   

Audit committee: Meg is planning on asking Clay, Benj and Jonathan M seconded. Approved. 

State of the station:  Lorraine read her report. Station is currently on track for finances.  Fundraising figures reported.  David Steffen has majorly increased underwriting recently.  Biggest expenses were related to Internet services.  Lorraine discussed the need to make sure that the station has access to adequate bandwidth as well as having the station getting more actively involved in lobbying legislators to address this problem.   Sherri Quinn is the new news director.  Lorraine discussed the need to pay for an office in Ukiah (and discussed how she has been letting the news team use an office that she personally pays for).  Lorraine is thinking about hiring a news producer out of Ukiah.  Lorraine introduced the idea of renting a facility in Ukiah that has good signal exposure and is reasonable.  Lorraine also thanked the Community Foundation for their grant. 

CAB report:  Benj presented for the CAB.  Discussed the possibility of the CAB creating a MOU with the board.  Benj summarized the MOU.  Meg suggested putting the MOU on the KZYX website if it is accepted by the board.  Meg and Benj agreed to vote on the MOU at the next meeting. 

Public Comment:

Scott Petersen: voiced concern about tax document 990 not being posted or incomplete. 

Ana: thanked Lorraine for putting on National Native News.

Doug McKenty : Also thanked Lorraine for adding Native American news.  He seconded Scott about the concern about the 990’s and discussed his desire to make KZYX more of a local community station.  He thanked Meg for the audit committee. 

Mitch Clough (SP?):  Discussed matters of grammar and liability and his history with KZYX.  He expressed hopes that new management be committed to transparency. 

Anonymous:  Commented about the power of the CAB and transparency.   Wants the station to pay the on air DJs. 

Mike Grady: Former board member.  Spoke to how hard it is to keep a station running and that the station is sounding much better than before.  He loves national native news too and the news team.   He does not understand why the station is being attacked and plans to support the station for the foreseeable future. 

Sheila Tracy:  Requested minutes from 2 CAB meetings that she feels should have had minutes.  Also asking for the minutes of the hiring committee and feels that she should have been invited to the meeting.  Sheila requested that more left leaning shows be played at peak listening times instead of NPR.  She requested that the news department involve the community more.  She also asks that the GM’s contract be reexamined.

Derek Hoyle: Stated that the 14 years that he has volunteered at KZYX has been a train wreck.  He stated that he does not want Stuart Campbell on the board and is planning to pursue the matter through other avenues.   Mr. Hoyle is interested is recalling Stewart.

Ana: spoke again.  She voiced a desire for diversity of voices on the air.  Ana called for unity. 

Bob Page: Asked for a stop to the ad hominem attacks at the board meeting. 

Mitch: spoke again.  Stated that Mendocino County is a unique county and called for fair and balanced. 

Doug: spoke again, agreed with Ana about diversity for the station.  Doug suggested that discussions be focused on policy. 

Sheila: spoke again – voiced concern about transparency concerning committee discussions. 

Meg announced the next BOD meeting in July that will be in Anderson Valley

and after that Point Arena.

Meg moved to adjourn @ 7:20pm, Benj seconded.

Minutes submitted by Jenness Hartley, Secretary of the Board.





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