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Mary Aigner's Departure

Mary Aigner, Program Director for KZYX&Z, recently announced that she has decided it is time, after 22 years, to hand over the reins. She has some interesting opportunities that she wishes to explore, though she will continue to be involved with the radio station, including hosting her "Dead Air" program. As she told the volunteer programmers and her friends:

"It's been a great pleasure and an honor to work here, and I can't think of a more interesting or gratifying place to work. I'm constantly amazed by your talent, passion, and commitment to the cause of creating the best community radio we can, in service of the people of Mendocino County." 

We wish Mary great success in her future endeavors. We will miss her.

For the full press release, please follow this link: Aigner Press Release.

Community Advisory Board Meeting

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) has scheduled its annual public meeting for Friday, December 4, 2015 at 6PM. It will be held at Anderson Valley High School in Boonville in the Career Center Room.The public is invited to attend this meeting and there will be time for public comment. You can find out more about the CAB here: link.


Posted by Alma Latina
Alma Latina
Alma Latina airs every Saturday from 3 pm to 5 pm and is hosted by Lorena Calvo-Evans or Aline Jalfim.
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Alma Latina (Music) with Aline 02/08/2014 03:00PM to 05:00PM

03:00PM-03:04PM (4:51) Matamba “Desapariciones” from Desapariciones (LFC) - Single (2009) on Pop Art

03:04PM-03:09PM (5:08) Gilberto Gil “one drop” from Kaya N'Gan Daya (2002) on Warner Music Brasil

03:09PM-03:14PM (4:57) Alika “Para Bailar (6blocc)” from Dubyourself (2012) on Irie Sudamerica Producciones

03:14PM-03:18PM (3:31) Alika “Todo Tiene Su Tiempo (Colonel Hatties)” from Dubyourself (2012) on Irie Sudamerica Producciones

03:18PM-03:23PM (5:32) Natiruts “Presente De Um Beija-Flor” from Identidade: Natiruts (2002) on EMI

03:23PM-03:28PM (4:13) Olodum “Mel Mulher” from O Movimento (1993) on WM Brazil

03:28PM-03:31PM (3:47) Ojos De Brujo “GET UP STAND UP” from Amor Monte Carlo Latino, Vol. 3 (2009) on Universal Music Italia srL.

03:31PM-03:35PM (3:50) Sergent Garcia “Revolucion” from La Semilla Escondida (2003) on Labels

03:35PM-03:40PM (4:31) Ska Cubano “CACHITA” from Ay Caramba! (2005) on Casino Sounds

03:40PM-03:45PM (4:42) Tribo De Jah “Existem Muitas Moradas No Reino Do Senhor” from Essencial (2001) on Universal Music International Ltda.

03:45PM-03:49PM (4:02) Matamba “la luna y el sol” from estilo dread on Unknown

03:49PM-03:52PM (3:07) Natalia Clavier “Nada (feat. Ticklah)” from Lumen (2013) on Nacional Records

03:52PM-03:55PM (3:39) Sarazino “Desbaratado” composed by Sarazino from Ya Foy! (2009) on Cumbancha Discovery

03:55PM-03:59PM (3:32) Go Lem System “Pura Sangre” from Cacería (2006) on K Industria

03:59PM-04:02PM (3:00) dread mar I “convenceran” from vivi en do on Unknown

04:02PM-04:06PM (3:47) Adão Negro “Anjo Bom” from Pele Negra (2007) on Atração

04:06PM-04:10PM (4:11) Latin Bitman “Emigrante” from Colour (2009) on Nacional Records

04:10PM-04:15PM (5:02) Sergent Garcia “Nada Tiene Final” from BEST OF (2004) on Parlophone France

04:15PM-04:18PM (3:00) Fidel Nadal “Puerta de Oro” from Crucial Cuts (2009) on Nacional Records

04:18PM-04:23PM (4:43) Gilberto Gil “Vamos Fugir” from Raça Humana (2002) on Unknown

04:23PM-04:28PM (5:49) Cultura Profética “Ritmo Que Pesa” from M.O.T.A. (2010) on LUAR MUSIC

04:28PM-04:31PM (3:00) Radio Malanga “Charito Va'” from Music From the Wine Lands (2008) on Putumayo

04:31PM-04:36PM (4:22) Elijah Emanuel “Reggae en Espanol” from Tres Sangres (2008) on Elijah Emanuel

04:36PM-04:39PM (2:47) Los Cafres “La Receta” from Luna Park (2006) on Pop Art

04:39PM-04:42PM (3:51) Gondwana “Libros Sagrados” from Alabanza (2000) on RCA Records Label

04:42PM-04:45PM (3:00) Ticklah “Si Hecho Palante (Feat. Mayra Vega)” from Ticklah Vs. Axelrod (2007) on Easy Star Records

04:45PM-04:49PM (3:45) Muchachito Bombo Infierno “Conversaciones Incompatibles” from Vamos Que Nos Vamos - Extras (2006) on Satélite K

04:49PM-04:52PM (3:17) Daniela Mercury “O Reggae E O Mar” from Música de Rua (2009) on Paginas do Mar

04:52PM-04:57PM (4:58) Macaco “Mulata Descolorá” from Rumbo Submarino (2001) on edel records

04:57PM-05:00PM (3:00) Gilberto Gil “lic samba” from Kaya N'Gan Daya (2002) on Warner Music Brasil

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Alma Latina airs every Saturday from 3 pm to 5 pm and is hosted by Lorena Calvo-Evans or Aline Jalfim.

KZYX Is Seeking a New Executive Director/General Manager

KZYX&Z Community Public Radio in Philo, CA, is seeking a creative professional with non-profit experience to become Executive Director & General Manager of Mendocino County Public Broadcasting.

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