Community Advisory Board

Community Advisory Board

The MCPB Board of Directors has formed a Community Advisory Board (CAB) for this station composed of independent station members who are neither station staff nor Board members.  The purpose of the KZYX Community Advisory Boards is to provide advice and feedback to the station's Board of Directors, review the station's programming goals and make non-binding recommendations and to advise the Board of Directors on how the station can best serve the community.

The policy of the CAB is to be an independent advisory group that examines how well the station fulfills its mission of community service and recommends to the Board of Directors ways to improve that service or better match its actions with its mission.  It sets its own agenda and may choose to conduct its affairs and its meetings in a variety of ways, as it sees fit.

The CAB holds open public meetings at least once per year in the county.  CAB meetings are announced on this web page, and on the air at least seven days in advance.

To communicate with the  members of the CAB write to





Follow this link to the Minutes of the August 7th 2018 meeting.

Follow this link to the Minutes of the June 7th 2017 meeting.

Follow this link to the Minutes of the December 7th 2016 meeting.
Follow this link to the Minutes of the February 23rd 2016 meeting.
Follow this link to the Minutes of the December 2013 meeting.

Community Advisory Board

Chair: Ellen  Saxe

Members: Stephen Fish

Ex officio: Bob Bushansky

Board liaison to CAB: Jonathan Middlebrook


CAB Survey Results

Follow this link to read the results of the 2018 CAB Board Ballot Survey

Follow this link to read the results of the 2017 CAB Board Ballot Survey

Follow this link to read the results of the 2014 CAB Board Ballot Survey

Follow this link to read the 2014 CAB Program Proposal


The 2014 MCPB Community Advisory Board Members:

Ellen Saxe

Alexander Kramer

Jenness Hartley

Steve Fish

Bob Bushansky

Mary McClanahan